Sunday, February 26, 2012


Trying to figure out why my last post didn't show up in the blogger feed...

...I've been having a lot of blogger issues lately.  Am I the only one? :(


When Brad and were shopping for fabric a few weeks ago, I bought the most adorable pattern to make our little lady her first pair of shoes {every girl needs a closet full of shoes... it's not about practicality, but style}. :)
I just love how they came out...

I was thrilled that I bought more than enough fabric than what this pattern called for, so I made baby an entire ensemble!!  I started off with another onesie dress and added a little something extra to the bottom {tuelle is not my favorite fabric to work with, but I love the look of it}.

And it didn't stop there... I made a matching headband to tie it all together.
So chic!!
She will definitely be a girly girl {well, as long as I have any say in it}.
If someday she becomes a tomboy, we will love her all the same!!  In the meantime, I will spoil her with cute little girly clothes!

The whole shebang: