Monday, January 23, 2012


If you remember, Brad bought me a sewing machine for Christmas this past December.
I have wanted one for years, but with the little lady on the way I thought now was as good a time as ever to put that on the top of my Christmas list.
 I have been itching to start some projects, so Brad and I took a trip to Joanne Fabrics this weekend & stocked up on fabrics and supplies to keep me busy for a little while.  I have been losing sleep at night thinking about starting these projects, so when Brad told me today was going to be a late work day, I jumped on the opportunity to have the apartment to myself & start sewing.

A few weeks ago I found this little tutorial on Pinterest.
I was a little concerned to tackle the project, but as the title says, it really was easy {seriously, the hardest part is cutting the fabric... for some reason I have a really hard time cutting in a straight line}.

I've been dreaming of doing the baby's nursery in pink and grey... when we get to a place where she can actually have one.  That was my inspiration when picking out fabrics for this blanket & I must say, I LOVE IT!!!

The pink minky fabric is soooo soft.  The baby might have to fight Brad for it when she gets here... then again, I want one for myself, too!!

But, after a 45 inch x 45 inch project & the soreness that came with it from spending so much time on the floor cutting & pinning, I think this will be a project strictly for baby.  I can only imagine she will love it!
I am thinking of making myself a cute little scarf out of that grey fabric, though.  I just want to go buy the entire ream.  Yes, I love it that much! :)

While I'm at it, a few weeks ago I took my first attempt at a ruffle butt onesie {seriously, this has got to be the best part of having a baby girl}!!  I wasn't overly impressed with the outcome of the ruffles, but practice makes perfect & someday I'll be able to make something worth while... in the meantime, this will work around the house.

My ruffles are really uneven {again, cutting is my biggest challenge... does anyone else have that problem??}
I have a bunch of other projects up my sleeve, but this preggo lady can only manage one a night, I think.
Have you ever tried lying on your belly to pin only to remember there's a big bump there?? 
I don't know how I can ever forget... haha.

Stay tuned for my future projects!
And if you have any patterns or tutorials you would like to share, I'm always happy to try something new! 

And stay tuned for past posts that I have managed to forget.  I realized I never blogged about New Years as Brad was flipping through my pictures last night!  I have so much catching up to do {and so little time}!  I promise I will get there before April!


  1. Beautiful! I have always liked pink/gray combination! The little onesie is so cute with the ruffles. Enjoy sewing!

  2. I love the pink and grey! So pretty. The onesie is adorable too. My sister bought me a sewing machine for my birthday a week ago and I am dying to start my project list. It is seriously a mile long! hahaha