Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pelican drop

I didn't think I would get the New Years Eve post in before the end of January!
A small accomplishment.  :)

New Years Eve was a big deal for us this year.  It was the first New Years Eve that Brad and I spent together since our first year dating in 2003.  We went to Camden, NJ to see moe. in concert that year & every year after that he was scheduled to work.  We were looking forward to every second of this celebration.

In Pensacola they close down a few of the main streets & bring in a bunch of vendors & bands for the Pelican Drop.  The streets are crowded with thousands of people ready to ring in the new year.  We enjoyed the music & everyone {except me} indulged in all sorts of goodies from aligator meat to shark skewers.  We had a wonderful time walking around taking in our surroundings until our dear friend, Travis, stepped on a large shard of glass that went right through his Converse sneaker moments before the clock struck midnight.  He was quite a trooper, though.  He wasn't about to miss the moment.  Luckily, we were down to minutes before the pelican dropped & we were greeted by 2012!

The Pensacola Pelican drop is the next best thing to the ball drop in NYC.  Who knows, maybe next year we'll cross NYE in NYC off our bucket list.

After we got our New Years kiss in, we rushed Travis to the ER to get stitches.  Who would have thought we would be starting our New Year in the hospital??  But, no matter where we spent it, we were just happy to be together and with great company!

2011 was good to us & I know 2012 will be just as wonderful & life changing!  I hope you are all having a wonderful 2012 so far!

*p.s. I am all caught up on blog posts.  :)  No more 3 month old posts from me... for now, anyway.*

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