Thursday, January 5, 2012


When we were in New Smyrna, FL for Christmas, we went to the beach with Scotty.
We love the beach.  I'm not the most comfortable person swimming in the ocean... somewhat because I'm not a good swimmer, but I think the majority of my hesitation are the sea creatures... primarily jelly fish or anything else that can sting me or bite me.  But, I LOVE to put my feet in the water as often as possible.
Although it was warm in central Florida, I wouldn't say it was swimming weather {but, it didn't stop many}.  It was quite windy... 
But, Brad & I took the opportunity to roll our pants up & enjoy as much of the waves as possible.

I didn't want to lose these pictures over time, so I made sure to bring them over here for archiving purposes.


{Baby's First Christmas Eve - 23 weeks & 3 days}

Next year the baby will be able to put her own little feet in the water.  It's almost hard to believe she'll be here in 3 1/2 months.  We are so far from being ready & it's so difficult to plan for the big day with knowing we will be relocating sometime before or after she arrives {not knowing when is the killer}.  For now, I'm enjoying every little kick and punch coming from inside my belly.  She definitely likes for me to know she's still there... I LOVE that!

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  1. The water pictures are so nice. All three of you are looking good!
    It won't be long now and we will be meeting the precious baby girl.