Sunday, December 30, 2012

St. Nick's Day 2012

There have been lots of firsts for Norah in the past month. 
St. Nick came to our home & filled our wooden shoes with lots of goodies.
We celebrated on December 13th this year since Brad was away on St. Nick's Day.
St. Nick brought Norah her first Christmas ornaments for the tree, a new board book to read at Christmas time, and a little dutch girl figurine.  He was pretty good to me and Brad, too.  Check out those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups... 1 WHOLE POUND of chocolatey goodness!!  And, of course, the traditional pomegranate & oranges.  This is one of my favorite traditions.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

8 months

Norah turned 8 months old on December 12th.  November was such a busy time for us!  Norah is growing so much!  Brad was gone for a good portion of the month & she is quickly learning that he isn't around.  She loved to see him on Skype.  Her face just lit up whenever she saw her Daddy.
   Norah had her first taste of turkey on Thanksgiving, which she quickly spit all over her Daddy.  That's my girl. :)  Although I'm a vegetarian, we have decided that it is best for Norah to be raised receiving all of the important nutrients, but if someday she decides she doesn't want to eat meat, that is a choice she can make.  Just as my parents did for me, I will not make that decision for her.  
Norah seemed to really enjoy the Christmas season.  She loved the lights & the tree.  Not a day went by that she didn't grab for the bubble lights on the tree & she just adored Santa when we went to visit him at the Annapolis Mall.  Her second visit with Santa on base wasn't quite as exciting for her, but two days following the Christmas party we experienced her first stomach bug & fevers.  I was one terrified mommy caring for her on my own, but luckily Brad was a quick phone call away to help me through it.  Norah is a true snuggle bug when she's sick.  
She has graduated to her crib, which was a big step for me... probably bigger for me than her.  She transitioned so easily.  I was the one having separation anxiety.  
Norah has experienced so much in the past month!  It's so hard to believe she is only 4 months away from her birthday!  This momma better start planning!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

first gift

Sunday was the children's Christmas party on base.  
Norah wasn't as excited to visit with Santa this time, but she did love opening the gift he gave her.  This was her first chance to open a gift & she couldn't get enough of it.  Christmas morning is going to be so much fun!!
We went with our dear friends Kim & her daughter, Hailey.  Norah kept looking over to watch Hailey open her gift... just to make sure she was doing it right, I guess.

The boys weren't home for this party... Hailey was really missing her Daddy.  Brad and Hailey's dad usually travel together, so Kim and I have become really close.  It's great to have a friend to lean on who knows exactly what you're going through... this picture melts my heart!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

on the move

With Norah doing the military crawl these days, I had to take precautionary measures to keep her close by, so the baby gate has been moved to the living room... you would have thought I put her in jail.  She doesn't like restrictions... she is a little explorer and if it's out there, she wants to see it.

Norah LOVES tubby time... and post tubby time.  Getting a diaper on her before she's off wandering the living room is becoming more challenging, too.  She was having a grand time.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


It is no secret... Norah is a Daddy's girl.  She is missing him while he is away!  My days have consisted of baby meltdowns and lots of naps, but the second Brad comes on Skype, she's all smiles and giggles.  She is reaching that stage where she notices his absence & she misses his snuggles & overflowing love.  She crawls right up onto my laptop and touches his face on the monitor.  It breaks my heart!  I miss him... this makes me miss him that much more!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Somebody discovered the tree today.


Norah becomes more and more mobile every day.  Damon was laying in front of the tree this afternoon when she decided that she wanted to scootch over and snuggle up to him.  After he decided to move it seemed as if the tree just appeared in our living room.  She had this look of wonderment on her face even though I have been showing it to her since we got it, but she never showed interest before today.  I have a feeling we're going to have our hands full now that she has discovered it. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Time is Here

We have been in a rush to get things done around here.  It seems like Brad is home for two weeks at a time & then gone again, so the day after Thanksgiving we started our rush to get the Christmas season underway.  Brad and I are not fake tree people.  We love the experience of walking around the farm, searching for the perfect tree & cutting it down.  We had the best place to go to in Upstate New York.  I missed that farm this year.  I did some online searching for a farm here in Maryland.  I found two with websites in the area & thought one looked so much nicer than the other and they really made themselves sound like a wonderful place to cut your own tree.  So, we took a drive on Friday after I got out of work to find that perfect tree.  The directions and address didn't lead us to the farm and we were about to give up our search when we stumbled across it after taking a different road back to our original location.  

We were so excited to cut Norah's first Christmas tree!  

I have this wonderful ability to have these picture perfect moments in my head & I always get so sad when it doesn't go just as I had imagined.  We pulled up to the farm, which looked so much smaller in person than it did on the website... and so did the trees.  They weren't much taller than Norah!  We asked the guy where all of their trees were & they said they have them shipped in from Pennsylvania.  I was so sad!!  We spent so much time driving around looking for the farm and I had an appointment to get to, so we couldn't move on to the next farm to cut our own tree.  We settled for a pre-cut tree, but it is beautiful nonetheless.  I don't have any pictures of Norah getting her first Christmas tree since she never got out of her car seat.  I'm sad she missed that experience, but she'll enjoy it more next year, anyway.

On Saturday, we drove to Annapolis so Norah could sit on Santa's lap.  I was curious how she would react.  I had been reading all of these updates about being 8 months old and how babies start to fear strangers at this stage.  Norah isn't around many strangers, so this was our true test.  I think she's just a people person.  She LOVED Santa & even snuggled up to him a little.


Norah is becoming so smiley!  She even "cheeses" for the camera!!


Check out those teefers!!!  I'm so excited to share Christmas with her!  It's one of my favorite holidays & I love watching her first reactions to all of these new sights!  I just adore her!!


I know I've said it before... my family has A LOT of traditions!  Thanksgiving was my mom's favorite holiday.  We woke up every Thanksgiving morning to the Macy's Day Parade, blueberry muffins, & she made the same delicious meal every year while listening to Alice's Restaurant!  I LOVE traditions & I'm even more excited this year to start passing the same traditions on to my daughter!  So, on Thanksgiving morning, we woke up & enjoyed the parade together!  We watched the Rockettes, Santa, & she particularly loved all of the musical acts.  I made my mom's potato & bread stuffings & shared all of the fun times with our little lady!

Since joining the Navy, our newest tradition seems to be sharing the meal with good friends.  It has been difficult to spend the holiday with family since we're all so far away, so we make sure we are able to be with good company!  We're so thankful to have such great friends no matter where we find ourselves!

Norah had her favorites, sweet potatoes & butternut squash.  She tried turkey for the first time {her first taste of meat}.  As a vegetarian, it broke my heart, but after watching her spit it all over daddy, I couldn't have been more proud! :)  We had a wonderful day & enjoyed being able to have leftovers with our friends the following night.  Nothing beats Thanksgiving leftovers! :)

7 months

Norah turned 7 months on November 12th & I can't believe how much her personality changes every day!  When I tell you she's the happiest baby, it's not a bias opinion.  She truly is just so happy all of the time!  She loves her daddy & must think that I am the funniest person ever because she's always laughing at me.  I hope she always loves us as much as she does right now!  She is precious!  I'm always afraid of her getting bigger because I love her personality at this stage, but she just gets happier and funnier and I love her more and more every day!

I apologize in advance for the over abundance of pictures... sometimes I get really snap happy & then can't narrow down my options.  What can I say?? I'm smitten!