Saturday, December 31, 2011

christmas twenty-eleven

It has been quite a while since I've posted any updates {an entire month, in fact} & there has been quite a bit going on in our world lately!  We moved into an apartment... that was a roller coaster ride in and of itself, but hopefully all of the headaches are behind us here & we can start enjoying our new temporary home.  We were reminded that we have been country people for the past 7 {plus} years when we tried taking Damon for his first couple of elevator rides.  Let's just say he's finally getting the hang of the floor moving... it really was a sight to see the for the first couple of weeks.

I love having an oven again!  Nothing beats being able to make chocolate chip cookies whenever your little heart desires!!
Sorry we didn't save you any, Santa!!

With the holidays falling right in between our move, we barely had a chance to sit still.  We were sad to have missed Christmas with family in PA this year, but so happy that some of our best of friends were only a few hours away.  So, we took the trip down to the Daytona area for a quick visit & Christmas celebration with the Davis/Gaboury/Snyder clan.  It's amazing how very little changes over the years.  

But, before we left for warmer temps, we had a little Christmas celebration of our own.  We opened all of our oh-so-generous gifts from Brad's parents & exchanged our gifts to each other.  It didn't feel like Christmas here in Florida, but we sure did make the best of our early holiday together.

 Brad & I love the movie Prep & Landing.  When we came across these snazzy goggles in the Hallmark store, I heard about them for weeks.  And since Brad is, & always will be, a kid at heart, I knew they would be a big hit for his Christmas toy {thanks Mom... he wears them ALL of the time}.

Even Damon got a toy.  This was the best invention ever... Damon LOVES water bottles, but they always cut his gums.  This bad boy covers the bottle for safe chewing.  Unfortunately, he chewed the stuffing out of the head & that has been put away until I can fix it...

Very important reads...

Brad got me a sewing machine!!  I was one happy girl!  Think of all of the fun things I can make now... eek... I haven't sewn since home-ec class in 9th grade.  I don't even know where to begin, but I'm uber excited to tackle this new challenge.

Brad's big gift from me this year was an XBox Kinect... unfortunately, it will be staying in the box until we can get the XBox out of storage this spring, but it will be a blast once we get back to some sort of normalcy.
And as a joint gift, we will be heading out to see Blake Shelton at the end of January.  So exciting! :)
But, thank goodness for Mom & Dad because Brad wouldn't have any toys to play with this Christmas if it wasn't for their big surprise...

We got his & hers iPads... and let me tell you how much easier it is to drag this bad boy into the kitchen than the laptop...

And I just know that baby will love it when she gets older.  I love the kids books you can get for this:

As you can see, it was one heck of an exciting non-Christmas night & we are so grateful to have family that thinks of us & sends so much love from miles away!

So, after such an eventful Thursday night, we packed up our bags & headed down to New Smyrna, Florida for some fun in the sun!

The weather was beautiful {even though a "cold" front of 67 degrees came through}.
We loved going to the beach with Scotty & Peg.  I don't think I've ever seen either of them so happy.
It's amazing what a little sunshine & beaches can do for you... something Vermont lacks a bit of.

We enjoyed a lit tree by the fireside leading up to Christmas.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by a tree & lots of Christmas decorations.  The holiday finally felt like it was upon us.
  {the only shot I got of Scotty outside of uniform}

Brad loved doing a ride along with Scotty.  We'll see how long Navy life lasts after a day back in the police world... haha.  I knew he'd miss it, especially after seeing a day in the life of a cop again.

We spent Christmas day with Gary, Bri & their kids!  It's hard to believe they left Vermont 7, or so, years ago!  We did not have enough time with them!

We were thrilled to be within driving distance from great friends again, but so sad that it is only temporary.
It was a wonderful Christmas!  Thank you Peg & Scotty for inviting us into your home for the week!  We miss you already!!! xoxo