Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanksgiving 2011

We have had so many changes this year.  Brad & I are still in a temporary home without an oven or room to decorate, so we had to get creative with planning Thanksgiving.  On our walks the past couple of weeks with Damon, we have come across some perfect places to entertain, we just had to get everyone on board.  We have a few close friends who, like us, couldn't travel for the holiday & we were so excited when they all agreed to be a part of the big day!

Damon was very curious as to what everyone would be eating today & Brad was a little concerned that there wouldn't be seconds left for him.

 Brad, Carly, Garrasi, Kirsten, Travis

Thank goodness for Kirsten & Travis who have an oven in their apartment.  We did not go without the bird & my personal favorite, green bean casserole, on Thanksgiving!  It was a learning experience trying to make all of the sides on two burners this Thanksgiving, but all of the food came out wonderful & we had a feast large enough to feed the entire Navy, in a wonderful location.  I am loving being so close to the beach!

Damon got a little dip in!  He can't get enough of the beach.  I know he's missing the snow, but hopefully over time he will forget all about it & become a southern pup!

The sunsets are breathtaking here!  We spent a great amount of time taking in the scenery & were lucky enough to see dolphins off in the distance after the sun went down.  It was the perfect end to a memorable day.

Brad & I had so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving & throughout the year.  After years of trying to expand our careers & family, we were finally able to this summer.  We have had the opportunity to see a good portion of the United States over the past couple of months & Brad seems so happy with the direction his career is going.  He is getting great scores in class & may have found his niche.  We are thankful for the baby on it's way this coming spring & have been so grateful for a mild pregnancy so far.  We are blessed with family & friends who have supported us, and continue to support us through this crazy time in our lives!  And are loving all of the new people we have met over the past couple of months!  They will be forever friends no matter where the Navy takes us all.  And I can't forget my Damon Dawg.  I would have gone crazy without him around the past couple of months.  :)

We made sure to get a picture of the belly bump... baby's first Thanksgiving.

  19 weeks & 1 day

There has been a lot going on lately.  Brad and I looked at a more permanent place to live today & are hoping to sign a lease tomorrow.  It will be WONDERFUL to get out of a hotel room & into a larger space.  I know Damon will love the room to stretch out, too.  We're hoping Brad will get authorization to move off base this week, which will make life soooo much easier for all of us.  And on Wednesday we're hoping to find out the sex of baby kangaroo DeRoo.  :)  Stay tuned for that update!

The baby had been kicking away earlier this week.  S/he has been much quieter in the past couple of days, but feeling the baby kick is one of the most amazing feelings ever.  It's nice to know that it is active & moving around.  My belly has grown by leaps & bounds over the past week.  I can't even imagine how far it will grow in the weeks to come.  Wednesday marks the half way point of my pregnancy.  It is just flying by.  I think April will be here before we know it & we're so excited!  But, first let's pray that Wednesday goes well & I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the news! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanksgiving on the beach looks like so much fun :-) I love it!
    The pictures of the sunset is beautiful and the picture of you in the sand with baby DeRoo showing is beautiful too. xxoo

    The food looked great and did Damon get his treat?
    Happy Thanksgiving!