Sunday, November 13, 2011

gulf coast

Brad and I decided to take Damon for a walk today on our day off.
Poor Damon was used to 6 & 8 mile daily walks while we were staying with our friend in Massachusetts.
When we were living with Brad's parents in Arizona he got in at least a mile every night,
but since we have been in Florida, I have been too afraid to walk the neighborhoods, so Damon & I have been pretty cooped up in the room while Brad takes the car to and from work.
Brad runs the nature trail almost every day on base & he's been wanting to share it with me & I couldn't wait for an opportunity to work some of Damon's energy off.

I was grateful we didn't run into any alligators today {Brad had seen one not too long ago on the trail...eek}.
And I got to see the lighthouse on base {I can't wait to go up inside one of these days... I LOVE lighthouses}!
Damon was in his own little heaven leading the way on the trail while Brad and I enjoyed the time together.
On our way back to the car, I noticed a bridge that led onto the beach.  Since I haven't seen the Florida beaches yet, I thought now was a great opportunity.

Damon ran right up to the water.  He has never been much of a water dog.  When we lived in Vermont we couldn't trick him into going into the river... he would sit on the rocks and drink from it, but never swim in it {even on the hottest days after a long walk}.  When we were in Arizona he never laid one paw in the pool.   He was quite hesitant about the ocean waves at first, but he was in the water and swimming before we knew it.

{sorry for the grainy cell phone photos}

Damon had a great day & we can't wait to bring him back to this beach.  There were very few people & no dogs today.  It was the best place for him &, apparently, it was exactly what he needed...

...because he has been passed out for over an hour.  Mission accomplished! :)


  1. Damon looked like he was loving life! What a beautiful spot and the beach looks great! Is that beach on the base? They always have the best looking beaches.