Monday, November 7, 2011

big & rich

At some point over the 10 years of living in Vermont, Brad got involved with this crowd of guys {all co-workers} who listened to country music.  When we first met, "country" was not a word in our vocabulary.  Neither of us listened to counry music & quite honestlly, we despised it.  I guess when you spend 8+ hours in a car with somebody who loves country music, eventually you would get hooked, too.  He was determined to pass his new fondness on to me {I guess if he had to be torchered, I did, too}.  At this point in time we were making numerous trips to PA to visit my mom.  I kicked and screamed every time he put the country station on.   I wasn't budging.  I didn't want to hear it {it's quite funny I put up such a fight since I had, at one point in my teenage years, enjoyed country music... but that time was in the past according to me & I didn't want to revisit it}.  To make his life easier, Brad would USUALLY wait until I fell asleep to turn it on {which didn't take long in most cases... I am completely a car sleeper}!!  Well, after a few weeks, & a bunch of 5 hour trips, he had me listening to {and loving} country music.  Trust me, it took a lot of work on his behalf to turn me on to that genre, but as with most things, he was successful & to this day it is always the first station we look for when traveling. 

I have this vivid memory of driving my Jeep to the garage, in Bennington, one day with the top down listening to Big & Rich.  I don't know why that night sticks in my head... maybe because I was completely and utterly happy at that very moment.  I remember smiling, singing, & dancing along to the lyrics without a care in the world.  I love when music can have that effect on you.  It sounds silly, but if I could have a slideshow of happy moments in my life, that would definitely be one of them.

A few weeks ago Brad and I had the opportunity to attend a concert on base.  We weren't going to go, but it turned out I was having a not so happy, sing-a-long kind of day & we both thought this would be the best opportunity to turn that frown upside down & we were right... it worked.  All of my worries went out the window, like that day in my Jeep.

I'm excited to tell our baby someday that Big & Rich was their first concert {even though they may not have been able to hear it at that point in time or will never remember it}.  Big & Rich is full of energy & always makes me smile.

Half way through the show, Cowboy Troy made an appearance.  It really added to the show {not that Big & Rich need any help... Big has enough energy for the entire crowd}.

We had a great time & a date night was exactly what Brad & I needed.  Sometimes it feels like they're few and far between & I know once baby arrives, they will be even further out of reach {or, we're just going to have to get more creative... those little baby ears will not be able to handle concerts & crowds for quite some time}. 

It was a great event & I love that the base here is always putting activities together to entertain the troops.

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  1. Courteney HendersonNovember 29, 2011 at 2:00 PM

    I love Big and Rich and Cowboy Troy! I am so glad that you had a great time!