Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the big reveal

Now that all of the phone calls have been made {minus one to my brother who I'm pretty sure doesn't reads my blog anyway}, I think it is safe to post to the world our big news!
As you have all so patiently {or impatiently if you're me} been waiting, the big day has arrived {well, not THE big day, but a pretty special one nonetheless} and I'm not sure we could be more excited!!

  If you couldn't tell by now, we had the ultrasound today to determine the gender of our baby & we couldn't have asked for a nicer ultrasound tech.  He took all of the stress & anxiousness out of the picture & pointed out every little detail of the baby that he possibly could.  Sadly, he wasn't able to answer any of our questions {only the radiologist could do that & we didn't see them today}.

Baby's heart was beating at 153bpm {a little slower than the past two tests, but right on beat with the average heartbeat hearings we've had so far}.  There is nothing quite like seeing that little face either.  Such a blessing!!

Here's the baby's most recent close-up:

Does anyone else out there just want to reach over and take control of the camera??  There were so many amazing pictures that he didn't capture.  The mom should always be in control of the clicker!!! ;)

 So, I know you're all still reading to find out what are we having??


Do we buy PINK or do we buy BLUE??


When we first found out I was pregnant, I really really wanted to wait to find out the gender at delivery.  Brad couldn't wait until 20 weeks to find out, let alone double that, so I agreed to find out for his sake.
Well, the more we went registry shopping {and only finding things in pink or blue} & the closer we got to today, I couldn't wait much longer, either.  The anticipation was killing me... and if I was going to torture myself by drinking 50 ounces of water in an hour for this ultrasound, I was walking out of there with results.  I think finding out the gender was the best decision we could have made.  Maybe we'll wait with the next one, but I wouldn't count on it.

Ok, enough of my rambling...  What are we having???

If you said boy... well,  you'll just have to wait for us to have another one because there was nothing on this ultrasound that screamed boy.  This baby is all girl!!!  And as sad as I was for Brad because I know he REALLY wanted a son to fish with & hunt with & most importantly pass his family name on, we are both overjoyed to be welcoming a pretty little princess into this world.  And I'm happy that we will be contributing to the girl population because out of the 5 friends I have who are due in the next couple of months & have broken the news of what they're having, we're the only ones having a girl.

When I was a little girl my mom used to do this old wives tale trick on everyone where she would hold a needle on a piece of thread above the wrist.  If the needle waived back & forth it was a boy.  If it went around in a circle, it meant you were having a girl.  My mom did this trick on me MULTIPLE times & it never failed, I was having two girls & a boy (in that order).  Should we put the dream of having two kids (a boy and a girl) behind us now?  ;)  I was interested in seeing what the results of this test would be & not at all surprised when he told us it was a girl!  :)

So, now Brad and I are heading back to Babies 'R Us to add to the registry & putting lots of pink & pretty bows on that registry. :)

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  1. Congratulations! We love both of you and now we can say we love our new Granddaughter too!
    Love, Mom and Dad Opa and Oma xxxooo