Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the big reveal

Now that all of the phone calls have been made {minus one to my brother who I'm pretty sure doesn't reads my blog anyway}, I think it is safe to post to the world our big news!
As you have all so patiently {or impatiently if you're me} been waiting, the big day has arrived {well, not THE big day, but a pretty special one nonetheless} and I'm not sure we could be more excited!!

  If you couldn't tell by now, we had the ultrasound today to determine the gender of our baby & we couldn't have asked for a nicer ultrasound tech.  He took all of the stress & anxiousness out of the picture & pointed out every little detail of the baby that he possibly could.  Sadly, he wasn't able to answer any of our questions {only the radiologist could do that & we didn't see them today}.

Baby's heart was beating at 153bpm {a little slower than the past two tests, but right on beat with the average heartbeat hearings we've had so far}.  There is nothing quite like seeing that little face either.  Such a blessing!!

Here's the baby's most recent close-up:

Does anyone else out there just want to reach over and take control of the camera??  There were so many amazing pictures that he didn't capture.  The mom should always be in control of the clicker!!! ;)

 So, I know you're all still reading to find out what are we having??


Do we buy PINK or do we buy BLUE??


When we first found out I was pregnant, I really really wanted to wait to find out the gender at delivery.  Brad couldn't wait until 20 weeks to find out, let alone double that, so I agreed to find out for his sake.
Well, the more we went registry shopping {and only finding things in pink or blue} & the closer we got to today, I couldn't wait much longer, either.  The anticipation was killing me... and if I was going to torture myself by drinking 50 ounces of water in an hour for this ultrasound, I was walking out of there with results.  I think finding out the gender was the best decision we could have made.  Maybe we'll wait with the next one, but I wouldn't count on it.

Ok, enough of my rambling...  What are we having???

If you said boy... well,  you'll just have to wait for us to have another one because there was nothing on this ultrasound that screamed boy.  This baby is all girl!!!  And as sad as I was for Brad because I know he REALLY wanted a son to fish with & hunt with & most importantly pass his family name on, we are both overjoyed to be welcoming a pretty little princess into this world.  And I'm happy that we will be contributing to the girl population because out of the 5 friends I have who are due in the next couple of months & have broken the news of what they're having, we're the only ones having a girl.

When I was a little girl my mom used to do this old wives tale trick on everyone where she would hold a needle on a piece of thread above the wrist.  If the needle waived back & forth it was a boy.  If it went around in a circle, it meant you were having a girl.  My mom did this trick on me MULTIPLE times & it never failed, I was having two girls & a boy (in that order).  Should we put the dream of having two kids (a boy and a girl) behind us now?  ;)  I was interested in seeing what the results of this test would be & not at all surprised when he told us it was a girl!  :)

So, now Brad and I are heading back to Babies 'R Us to add to the registry & putting lots of pink & pretty bows on that registry. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanksgiving 2011

We have had so many changes this year.  Brad & I are still in a temporary home without an oven or room to decorate, so we had to get creative with planning Thanksgiving.  On our walks the past couple of weeks with Damon, we have come across some perfect places to entertain, we just had to get everyone on board.  We have a few close friends who, like us, couldn't travel for the holiday & we were so excited when they all agreed to be a part of the big day!

Damon was very curious as to what everyone would be eating today & Brad was a little concerned that there wouldn't be seconds left for him.

 Brad, Carly, Garrasi, Kirsten, Travis

Thank goodness for Kirsten & Travis who have an oven in their apartment.  We did not go without the bird & my personal favorite, green bean casserole, on Thanksgiving!  It was a learning experience trying to make all of the sides on two burners this Thanksgiving, but all of the food came out wonderful & we had a feast large enough to feed the entire Navy, in a wonderful location.  I am loving being so close to the beach!

Damon got a little dip in!  He can't get enough of the beach.  I know he's missing the snow, but hopefully over time he will forget all about it & become a southern pup!

The sunsets are breathtaking here!  We spent a great amount of time taking in the scenery & were lucky enough to see dolphins off in the distance after the sun went down.  It was the perfect end to a memorable day.

Brad & I had so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving & throughout the year.  After years of trying to expand our careers & family, we were finally able to this summer.  We have had the opportunity to see a good portion of the United States over the past couple of months & Brad seems so happy with the direction his career is going.  He is getting great scores in class & may have found his niche.  We are thankful for the baby on it's way this coming spring & have been so grateful for a mild pregnancy so far.  We are blessed with family & friends who have supported us, and continue to support us through this crazy time in our lives!  And are loving all of the new people we have met over the past couple of months!  They will be forever friends no matter where the Navy takes us all.  And I can't forget my Damon Dawg.  I would have gone crazy without him around the past couple of months.  :)

We made sure to get a picture of the belly bump... baby's first Thanksgiving.

  19 weeks & 1 day

There has been a lot going on lately.  Brad and I looked at a more permanent place to live today & are hoping to sign a lease tomorrow.  It will be WONDERFUL to get out of a hotel room & into a larger space.  I know Damon will love the room to stretch out, too.  We're hoping Brad will get authorization to move off base this week, which will make life soooo much easier for all of us.  And on Wednesday we're hoping to find out the sex of baby kangaroo DeRoo.  :)  Stay tuned for that update!

The baby had been kicking away earlier this week.  S/he has been much quieter in the past couple of days, but feeling the baby kick is one of the most amazing feelings ever.  It's nice to know that it is active & moving around.  My belly has grown by leaps & bounds over the past week.  I can't even imagine how far it will grow in the weeks to come.  Wednesday marks the half way point of my pregnancy.  It is just flying by.  I think April will be here before we know it & we're so excited!  But, first let's pray that Wednesday goes well & I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the news! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

gulf coast

Brad and I decided to take Damon for a walk today on our day off.
Poor Damon was used to 6 & 8 mile daily walks while we were staying with our friend in Massachusetts.
When we were living with Brad's parents in Arizona he got in at least a mile every night,
but since we have been in Florida, I have been too afraid to walk the neighborhoods, so Damon & I have been pretty cooped up in the room while Brad takes the car to and from work.
Brad runs the nature trail almost every day on base & he's been wanting to share it with me & I couldn't wait for an opportunity to work some of Damon's energy off.

I was grateful we didn't run into any alligators today {Brad had seen one not too long ago on the trail...eek}.
And I got to see the lighthouse on base {I can't wait to go up inside one of these days... I LOVE lighthouses}!
Damon was in his own little heaven leading the way on the trail while Brad and I enjoyed the time together.
On our way back to the car, I noticed a bridge that led onto the beach.  Since I haven't seen the Florida beaches yet, I thought now was a great opportunity.

Damon ran right up to the water.  He has never been much of a water dog.  When we lived in Vermont we couldn't trick him into going into the river... he would sit on the rocks and drink from it, but never swim in it {even on the hottest days after a long walk}.  When we were in Arizona he never laid one paw in the pool.   He was quite hesitant about the ocean waves at first, but he was in the water and swimming before we knew it.

{sorry for the grainy cell phone photos}

Damon had a great day & we can't wait to bring him back to this beach.  There were very few people & no dogs today.  It was the best place for him &, apparently, it was exactly what he needed...

...because he has been passed out for over an hour.  Mission accomplished! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

big & rich

At some point over the 10 years of living in Vermont, Brad got involved with this crowd of guys {all co-workers} who listened to country music.  When we first met, "country" was not a word in our vocabulary.  Neither of us listened to counry music & quite honestlly, we despised it.  I guess when you spend 8+ hours in a car with somebody who loves country music, eventually you would get hooked, too.  He was determined to pass his new fondness on to me {I guess if he had to be torchered, I did, too}.  At this point in time we were making numerous trips to PA to visit my mom.  I kicked and screamed every time he put the country station on.   I wasn't budging.  I didn't want to hear it {it's quite funny I put up such a fight since I had, at one point in my teenage years, enjoyed country music... but that time was in the past according to me & I didn't want to revisit it}.  To make his life easier, Brad would USUALLY wait until I fell asleep to turn it on {which didn't take long in most cases... I am completely a car sleeper}!!  Well, after a few weeks, & a bunch of 5 hour trips, he had me listening to {and loving} country music.  Trust me, it took a lot of work on his behalf to turn me on to that genre, but as with most things, he was successful & to this day it is always the first station we look for when traveling. 

I have this vivid memory of driving my Jeep to the garage, in Bennington, one day with the top down listening to Big & Rich.  I don't know why that night sticks in my head... maybe because I was completely and utterly happy at that very moment.  I remember smiling, singing, & dancing along to the lyrics without a care in the world.  I love when music can have that effect on you.  It sounds silly, but if I could have a slideshow of happy moments in my life, that would definitely be one of them.

A few weeks ago Brad and I had the opportunity to attend a concert on base.  We weren't going to go, but it turned out I was having a not so happy, sing-a-long kind of day & we both thought this would be the best opportunity to turn that frown upside down & we were right... it worked.  All of my worries went out the window, like that day in my Jeep.

I'm excited to tell our baby someday that Big & Rich was their first concert {even though they may not have been able to hear it at that point in time or will never remember it}.  Big & Rich is full of energy & always makes me smile.

Half way through the show, Cowboy Troy made an appearance.  It really added to the show {not that Big & Rich need any help... Big has enough energy for the entire crowd}.

We had a great time & a date night was exactly what Brad & I needed.  Sometimes it feels like they're few and far between & I know once baby arrives, they will be even further out of reach {or, we're just going to have to get more creative... those little baby ears will not be able to handle concerts & crowds for quite some time}. 

It was a great event & I love that the base here is always putting activities together to entertain the troops.

Friday, November 4, 2011

before we left california

Wooo, have I been a busy bee?!  Between work, doctor's appointments, & trying to figure out how to make mine & Brad's schedules jive, I haven't had 5 minutes to blog.  On top of it, I may or may not have neglected saving my pictures onto a back-up source & completely bogged down my laptop.  Moving all of those photos elsewhere was the most time consuming of them all!  But, now that I have accomplished that, let's back up a little bit... I never had a chance to blog about our last outing in San Diego...

We knew for a few weeks we would be leaving California, we just weren't sure when exactly that day would be... so, I got it in my head that I wanted to see everything I could possibly see before leaving the west coast.
Well, that dream was crushed when we found out we had 3 days to pack up the apartment and move, but before we left we were able to kidnap Stephen, after picking him up from the airport, & went to see the oh-so-popular San Diego Zoo.

I love zoos & aquariums.  I find these animals to be absolutely fascinating.  What I would have paid to be able to snuggle with one of those koala bears!  The entire exhibit was perched up in a tree taking a snooze.  By the end of the day, I would have gone for a snooze, too.  The first trimester of my pregnancy was surrounded by food & naps.  If that was the worst side effect I faced, I was a happy camper!













I have quite a bit to get caught up on with this blog &, as requested, will get some more baby bump pics up.  I am getting used to Northern Florida, but there's a little bit of me that is missing everything San Diego had to offer.  I wish we would have had a little more time to see all that the west coast had to offer, but that's what vacations are for, right??  :)  I can't wait to head up north to see my family for Christmas!  I can't believe that's less than 2 months away!!!  Where is the time going??