Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Legoland, CA

This weekend we ventured out to Legoland!  We are bound and determined to see everything we possibly can while we're out here on the west coast.  It was a beautiful California day.  I can never complain about the weather out here!
{with our favorites - lego version}
We built our own little lego cars & raced them on a track.  Guess who won??
That's right... moi {the girl who can't build with legos to save her life}.
Brad asked how that was possible, but I told him it was quite simple... mine had a driver. :)
We had a great time playing with legos, even if they weren't my toy of choice growing up.
But, even Legoland had something for me... stay tuned for the next blog post.


  1. WOW! Did Brad remember that we went to Lego Land 10 years ago when we were in CA? The pictures are great and everyone looks like they are having fun. You go Kalen with your race cars.

  2. YAY Marilyn!! Looks like you had a great time! Dylan would love to go there, I can see him, Jason and Brad building something great together!!