Monday, August 29, 2011


When we left Vermont back in July, it sure was a bittersweet moment.
Not counting the 5 years my family lived up north, I came to Vermont in the fall of 2000 to start my freshman year of college.  Brad joined me in the fall of 2003.  We lived there for years & although we had our good and bad moments, there's something about the little towns of Bennington & Woodford that really suck you in. 

I left Vermont thinking "you'll be here when we come back to visit."  And I was sure it would always be the same ol' Vermont.  I would have never guessed that Hurricane Irene would have had such an impact on those little towns & the place we called home for so long.

(This was taken back in 2008 in front of Wahoo's in Wilmington)

This is what that location looked like yesterday:

Remember the sweet little river that ran behind our apartment??

Brad LOVED that river!!!  But, it was bigger than ever yesterday & did a lot of damage to the house that we rented & a lot of nearby homes.  It's all so devastating & hard to grasp.

These were all taken before our landlord and the tenants were evacuated.  That black truck was washed away & from what I understand, the house is now unlivable.  If you've been to our old apartment, you will remember how far away that river was from the house.  It's amazing to see how high the water got.

Our neighbors up the road lost everything.  This is where our good friend Jamie grew up & his parents were renting it out to a family.  They lost EVERYTHING.  It is all so sad.

And if we thought Woodford got hit hard, Wilmington was almost unrecognizable.

This is a picture of Brad's old office.  There used to be a line on the side of the building that showed where the flood line of 1938 was.  If I remember correctly, I would say there is easily a foot more water in the flood of 2011.

This is just as you're entering the town (Brad's old office is in the background).  The entire town was destroyed.  It is so sad to see all of those places washed away.  Terrifying to think that sooo many of our friends had to experience this.  We are so blessed to know that everyone is safe, but wish we could be there to help!  We love you all so much and are sending so many prayers your way for a speedy recovery from this disaster.

For those who can afford to donate, please go to the Red Cross of Vermont & New Hampshire website to help!  Every little bit will make a difference!

We Love you, Vermont!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

my weekend retreat.

ahhhh... another weekend in Coronado with my hubby.  I'm beginning to LOVE these weekends.  The fear of being in a new city is almost behind me & the enjoyment of every moment spent with Brad makes every bit of that drive worth while!  The view of the drive up the border isn't so bad either.  After driving through many miles of farm land and towns that remind me of the movie Nothing But Trouble with Dan Aykroyd & Demi Moore from the '90's (where I would fear for my life if I were to get pulled over) in Southern California, I get to feast my eyes on these sights.

The sand dunes are spectacular.  It baffles me as to how so much sand ever got to that one location!  There are miles and miles of this soft sand!  I just love the ripples from the wind!

I love that every weekend there is something new to do, something different to see & something oh-so-delicious to eat!!  There are non-stop restaurants around the city.  I know there will never be enough days to try them all.  It's a 20-something year old's dream city!  I just LOVE it out here!  In one month I will be a full time resident {this may call for another countdown}.
This weekend we decided to hit up the Padres & Rockies game!  We are a baseball family, that is for sure & I just couldn't believe the price of Padres tickets compared to the Red Sox.  Granted, we didn't have the best seats in the house, but for a Saturday night outing, it was still a great time!

I figured it was only right to route for the Padres Saturday night since they will be our new hometown team, however I will always be a Red Sox girl!!  :-)
Sadly, the hometown team didn't win, but we all had a great time!


Sundays are always sad.  The weekends go by too quickly, but I'm loving our new ritual of hitting up the coffee shop up the street from our new place for a quick breakfast before heading back to Arizona.

I love the '50's feel of it & hearing Brown Eyed Girl on the jukebox!  
I really think I'm going to love calling this place "home"  & how could I not... 

...everything I've ever wanted & needed is right there!!