Monday, July 25, 2011


This weekend I ventured to the state of California for the very first time in my life.  Until I had come to Arizona, I had never been further west than Indiana.  I have always seen the palm trees & beautiful beaches of California on TV growing up & have always wanted to experience the west coast.  I can finally cross that one off the bucket list.  I took the 6 hour drive up U.S. & Mexico border & met the hubby for a fun filled weekend of showing me around our new stomping grounds.  I really do think I'm going to love it here {especially once the winter comes and all of you east coasters start posting pictures of **snow** online}!  Although, after a few weeks of 110 degree weather, even 75 feels cold to me!!  
The traffic & city driving is going to take some getting used to, but the beautiful thing about it all is 
I'm just a little bit excited about that.  I haven't seen buses in 7 years & I love that I don't have to drive into the city if I don't want to. :-)

This weekend was Comic-Con in San Diego... it was interesting, to say the least.  I was sad to learn that the Big Bang Theory cast was in attendance.  I may have paid a little more attention had I known that.

Brad took me for ice cream in downtown...mmmm... I'm going to have to be careful about that!
San Diego has so many restaurants!  I wanted to try them all!!  Of course there was not enough time in the weekend, but I'm so excited to have so many options to choose from!!!

We went to the mall, which was so refreshing because it is outdoors.  You still get to enjoy the sunshine of Southern California while getting in some retail therapy {and 5 floors of shops, at that}!


We walked down to Petco Park where the Padres' play & it sure did make me miss home!  I can't wait for my nephew & brothers to come out to catch a game with us!  We got to watch part of the Padres & Phillies game on the big screen outside the park!  I could see myself watching some away games from the hill.

Brad showed me around the island a little bit {this was a view from our hotel room}.  We were even able to secure a condo for us, so I am very excited to become a resident beginning next month!  We had a very eventful weekend & I can't wait to come back and see more of the city!  I can't see how you could ever run out of things to do.  I LOVE that!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

heat wave

I have been in Arizona for about a week now & I can't help but feel I am on a much needed vacation.
It has been a long couple of months being separated from Brad & I have been itching for some relaxation.
Well, let me tell you, I'm getting it & I better soak it up now, because it may not last forever.

My in-laws have been wonderful & so hospitable.  I couldn't feel more comfortable in their home if I tried {even Damon is more at ease spending most of his time snoozing and observing what everyone in the house is doing}. 

I wake up every morning & go to work.  Since my office is east coast time, that means I'm out by 2pm everyday!  It's quite wonderful & I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to still work for the same company I have been with for the past 7 years!  I am very fond of the job I do & the people I work with, but having the peace & quiet of working from home guarantees a lot of work to get done... I love that!
After my day "at the office," I walk outside & lay by/in/around the pool for a few hours.  It's a good time to get my reading in, too... and occasionally a nap.  I am not the same, white, pasty girl that left Vermont 2 weeks ago, that is for sure!

After some down time, dinner, & my favorite time of the day {skyping with my hubby}, Damon is usually whining to go out for his walk.  Boy, does he love his walks & so do I... especially in these parts.  Check out the view:

It's hot here, I'm not going to lie!  And people say "oh, but it's a dry heat..."  Phewy!  It's hot!  However, I've learned that my body was created to stand the heat.  I am not a winter girl, I'm a hot summer desert girl & I'm loving every ounce of the sunshine! :-)

There is a lot of wildlife in Arizona.  I haven't seen anything too crazy, yet {i.e. coyotes & snakes}, but the lizards, bunnies, & bats sure send my nerves flying when they rush out of the bushes.   I'll get used to it all, I'm sure.  I guess it can't get too much worse than the bears in New England.

I'm trying to soak in as much of these moments as possible.  Brad arrives on the west coast tomorrow & I couldn't be more excited to be in the same time zone as him.  I'm itching to get a place to call home again & start a family!  Hopefully in a few short weeks things will be back to "normal" & Brad and I will be reunited on a full time basis.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the 4th

Brad was so lucky to be able to graduate on the centennial of the Great Lakes Recruit Training Command & we were equally as lucky to have it fall on the 4th of July weekend.  That meant an extra day of not missing work, a lot of extra festivities & an extra day with my husband {kind of}.  What I mean is we didn't have to rush home on Sunday to get to work by Monday.  That was a nice feeling!

Unfortunately, we had to say our goodbyes to Brad last night.  We were supposed to rendezvous this morning for breakfast, but his duties as a sailor had changed & we had to say our goodbyes last night.  I wasn't ready for it.  I didn't want to leave {I still don't}, but because my husband is always so good with words and shooing away what my sister-in-law would call the "devil in my head," I actually was able to leave him a little more peacefully last night than I ever imagined I could.

We had a wonderful weekend & as much as I initially said I wanted to do "this" and see "that" while we were in Chicago, I found myself much happier relaxing with my hubby & not running around creation trying to fit in as much as possible.  It was the perfect weekend.

On the day before graduation, I was able to stick my toes in Lake Michigan... oooh it's like sticking your toes in the water in Maine in the middle of August.  I don't think it ever warms up.
Pretty pedicures!

We were so lucky that Brad was able to receive late liberty on Sunday and Monday night.  We were able to watch the fireworks from Ross Field {where Brad's graduation took place}.  I think we said a few times "They don't have fireworks like this in Vermont."  The beginning, and all throughout, was very much like the finales back home.

{sorry for the poor cell phone quality}

It was so nice to just be able to stand next to Brad and enjoy the moment.  And when they played "Anchors Aweigh" the entire crowd of sailors joined in singing.  It sent goosebumps up my spine {no matter how many times I've heard that song & have claimed I could go without hearing it again it was one heck of a memorable moment}.  :-)

Today begins the second leg of the drive to Arizona.  Brad and I will be closer to each other sooner than we expected.  I can't wait 'til then!  The past 4 days have been perfect & I can't wait to get back to "real" life.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

100 years

The day I have been waiting so long for has come and gone!  And what an amazing day it was!
We arrived on the base before the sun even came up to celebrate Brad's Navy graduation...
...and we waited quite some time for the celebration {but we had the perfect seats for the event}.

As we sat and waited we heard chants coming from the rear field, so Brad's mom & I went for a walk to find out what the commotion was...  the sailors were lined up waiting to begin the ceremony, so we snuck in some pictures...

...he looks so handsome!  I had butterflies in my stomach at the immediate sighting of him.  I wanted so badly to run up and wrap my arms around his neck, but I knew getting his attention would just distract him, so I kept a healthy distance... he didn't even know we were there!

The ceremony was beautiful.  It kicked off with a rain shower or two & the 105 degree weather they were calling for turned out to be quite chilly.  I had the privilege of sharing my umbrella with the Master Chief of the Navy {he's the highest ranking sailor in the entire US Navy}.  

Brad's division was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  They are one of only 4 other divisions that have received that honor this year.  They have spent the last two months working so hard for their achievements & it definitely paid off!  They received 9 flags for excelled skills and how exciting that all of this happened on the centennial birthday of the Great Lakes boot camp?!?!  Such an honor!

Looking back on it, it all seemed to go so fast, but I know I spent the entire time wishing it would go by just a little bit quicker.  When it did come to an end & liberty was called, I couldn't wait to find Brad!  The moment I hugged him was one of the most amazing moments of my life.  I didn't think I would ever let go!

Saying goodbye tonight was so tough.  I can't even imagine what Tuesday will feel like.  I'm trying really hard not to think about it too much and enjoy the next couple of days to their fullest.  It was funny to watch Brad use electronics again for the first time in two months.  You forget how removed they are from the "real world."  But, I can't tell you how nice it was to be able to hear his voice on the phone before going to bed.  It really is the little things in life.  I have a lot of respect for the sailors and their families from years past who didn't have technology to stay in touch.  I am so grateful that we have cell phones & internet to get us through.  I'm not sure I could do it without!

To Brad:  Words could never explain how much I have missed you over the past two months & how happy I am to be together again {even if it's temporary for now}.  No matter how difficult the past has been & the unknown that is yet to come will be, I am beyond proud of you & support you 120% through all of this.  I will forever love you & am so happy to have you as my husband!  I really am the luckiest girl in the world!!!  I love you with all of my heart!!!