Sunday, June 12, 2011

play ball

We're down to the last 3 weeks until Brad graduates!
He sends me so much love & support from 898.77 miles away!
Let me just say that I couldn't do any of this without his letters & few phone calls.
With every letter I receive, the more I can hear that Brad is getting down to the exciting moments of boot camp & will be busy from now until the end.  That just means that things will begin to wind down and graduation is right around the corner.
This weekend, Brad's best friend from high school got married so I took the liberty of taking another trip to PA to celebrate Mike & Carly's big day!
While I was home, my nephew had his last baseball game of the season before play-offs.  I have been looking forward to seeing him play for weeks!!!
The weather was touch & go on Saturday.  We woke up to showers & were expecting Coach Jason to call the game.  I was one sad Aunt until the sun decided to peak through the clouds 5 minutes before game time.


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