Friday, June 17, 2011


It is another summer filled with weddings!  
Before we moved out of our house the refrigerator was covered in Save the Dates {and we hadn't even received all of the expected invitations yet}.
Sadly, Brad and I won't be able to attend most of them this year... actually, Brad won't have the opportunity to attend any of them.  But, when his best friend, Mike, asked Brad to be in his wedding last year, Brad was so excited!  They have stayed so close over the years & we couldn't agree on a better fit for Mike than Carly.  Brad agreed to stand at the alter to support Mike & Carly on their big day on the condition that he would be home for it.  Sadly, {and this is a BIG sadly according to Brad} he would still be in boot camp for the big day.... but, the show must go on & I made sure that one of us would be there to witness their "I dos."
The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!  I couldn't believe I walked in that church without my camera to show you just how gorgeous it all was.
I was so distracted by the thought of being there without Brad & making sure I was going to the right place that it didn't even hit me until 5 minutes before the start that I didn't have it with me.
Even my pictures from the reception were slim to none... but, what I did get to shoot will put a big smile on Brad's face when he gets them in the mail!

It was WONDERFUL to see so many faces that I haven't seen since college.  It's a shame it has been so long since Brad and I have been able to get together with the old crowd.  He would have loved to see you all, too!


We are two weeks away... TWO WEEKS!
I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around that.
His division has been very successful & he seems pleased with how everyone is coming together!  That was a relief to hear!!  
They have won quite a few flags for excelled work!
He is healthy {right now} and very much looking forward to graduation. 
Battlestations {his final exam} will take place sometime within the next two weeks.  See the video here for an idea of what the recruits go through in order to pass boot camp:

I am anxiously awaiting his "I'm a sailor" call that will arrive after they pass!

I'm getting antsy.  I'm ready for graduation {I've been ready for quite some time}.
The next two weeks will fly by in many ways, but I just don't feel I will see my husband soon enough.
Have any of you come across a time machine recently?  I'd love to borrow it! :-)
In the meantime I will try to enjoy every second of my last couple of work days & enjoy the company I have known & loved over the past 7 years!

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