Thursday, June 30, 2011

1 more day

We have made it to Chicago.  After a number of unexpected plane delays & Brad's mom's later-than-expected arrival to Albany, we got on the road first thing yesterday morning {and it worked out PERFECTLY having to leave a day late... a blessing in disguise}.
I was one bound and determined girl yesterday.  I was on a mission, with my husband on my mind, the entire way.
I am not a long distance driver.  The 4 1/2 hours to Pennsylvania was always my limit, but not yesterday...
I drove the entire 15 hour trip from Albany to Chicago!!!  Yes, I even shocked myself.  I'm paying for it today with a stiff upper body, but it was worth it.
The trip was enjoyable.  One straight shot across I-90 & we were there in no time...  Mom did such a good job at keeping me distracted from the passing time & kept me focused on the goal.  I couldn't have done it alone, that is for sure!  I am so grateful to have had her company!
Damon was a blessing, too.  We couldn't have a better car dog.  He may need training in other places, but he has car rides down to a science.  I would forget he was even there until, every so often, his ears would peak up in my rear view mirror.  He's so patient in the car!  I have Brad to thank for that!

We arrived in Chicago around 10pm & once we were checked in, & while I was unpacking, Damon got comfy.  He's been snoozing the time away & is LOVING the bed!  He will be so excited when he sees Brad tomorrow & I know Brad cannot wait to see him!!  
Hopefully Damon will stay this calm for the second leg of the trip.
In less than a day Brad and I will be reunited!  I can't wait to see him, wrap my arms around him & to have a husband again!  What a strange feeling it is to be apart so long.  I've missed him!  We have waited two long months for this & it's hard to believe it's finally here!  I hope the next 4 days last forever!!!


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  2. So glad that the trip went by quickly once you were on the road! I'm sure it was exhausting for you, Mrs. DeRoo and Damon to be in the car so long...but great job! That's what a trip to Michigan is like for us and the 2 kids!!
    Damon looks comfy on that nice WHITE bed!!! Haha
    Tonight is going to seem as though it will last forever as you wait to see your sailor :) Keep us posted!!!