Friday, May 27, 2011

time away

I say it time and time again... I miss my husband like crazy!!
I was beyond thrilled yesterday when I received a letter telling me all about his first couple of weeks at boot camp (or at least the interesting parts) & informing me that it was possible that they would receive a phone call yesterday.
I kept my phone close by every second of the day & when I was in the store getting a few odds & ends, that unfamiliar number came across my phone!  My heart skipped a beat!
Not a second goes by that I don't think about him.  I've written to him more than anyone could imagine (trust me, I don't have that much to write about, but somehow I manage to whip out a 6 page letter every time).
I have missed him over the past 3 weeks & week three was BY FAR the most difficult so far.
I had waited so long for that letter & every day it didn't come, my heart broke a little bit more, but the second I heard my coworkers footsteps running up the stairs at work, I knew she had something good for me!!!
It was instant satisfaction!  And let me tell you, I cried the entire way through that letter!

The phone call was the cherry on top!!
Absence makes the heart grow fonder... that is FOR SURE, but hearing his voice makes me miss him so much more!
He says his homesickness isn't as bad as in the beginning & he's finally getting into the swing of things!
He had excelled scores on his PT test & has taken a leadership role within his division!  I am not surprised! 
My husband is an over-achiever!  I wish I had half the drive that he does.  I am so proud of him!

Brad's mom & I are starting our plans for graduation & my move across country.
I am so excited to get that ball rolling & to finally be on the west coast!  I am looking forward to time together with my hubsters again!
I think June will go by quickly (I'm hoping so, anyway).
I have a lot planned to accomplish next month & shortly after the weekend ends, I can say goodbye to May!
My goal is to keep my schedule packed & hope the days just fly by!
We're down to 5 weeks until graduation!!!

In the meantime, I am going on an impromptu visit for the holiday weekend!
It will be jam packed with lots of activities & I'm sure it will fly by, but I will cherish every second of it!
I will be flying a flag for my husband and all of the past, present & future sailors & soldiers this weekend!
Memorial Day & all of the patriotic holidays carry a whole new meaning in our family now!
I hope everyone has a safe & happy Memorial Day!

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