Sunday, May 8, 2011

our future begins today.

On Wednesday I said farewell to the one person in this world who really, truly knows me & the man who I go to with everything!  We have been looking forward to this day for SOOOO long. 
It's amazing to look back on our journey over the past couple of years & the dreams we were trying to accomplish.  We dreamt for so long that we never even imagined our dreams would become a reality & I just thought we would never make it to today. 
Brad has wanted to join the Navy long before I met him.  And, I guess, if it weren't for me, he would have a long time ago.  I am so happy that he is fullfilling his dreams & couldn't be more proud of him.  He was so excited to get this new life started.  Although, we were both nervous for the 8+ weeks apart, we know it's necessary & that it's something we will need to get used to.
  We have been trying to prepare ourselves for this seperation for so long & I'm learning that no matter what we did, I would never be ready for it. 
I was able to spend all day with Brad on Tuesday & Wednesday before he shipped out & it wasn't long after I kissed him goodbye that I wanted to pick up the phone and tell him how much I missed him!  It's going to be a long time apart, but I keep telling myself that the police academy would have been even longer.  I worry about how he is doing in boot camp & I pray my husband doesn't come back a completely different person.  I'm quite fond of the man he is now, I can't imagine him any other way (I won't mind knowing he will be trained in ironing & making the bed, though). ;-)

After sitting and waiting for most of the day, Brad swore in, ate lunch & we watched some videos on what to expect when he got to boot camp.  We said goodbye & I headed for home.  I received a phone call around 10:30 (our time) to let me know that he made it there safely.  I know he will be fine & will do great things in his career, but I am counting down the seconds to seeing him again! 
I am glad I am staying busy & keeping my regular schedule while he's gone.  I hope it will make the time go by a little quicker.

Brad will be happy to know that Damon & I are in good hands while he's gone.  Damon has been going on 8 mile walks the past two days (6 miles on the weekdays), which is enough to tucker him out and keep him out of trouble.  My friend Brenda is a lifesaver & is teaching Damon obedience & me how to be the alpha (a roll that was always Brad's).  We have been watching a lot of Cesar Millan and, so far, Damon is behaving very well around Brenda's dogs.
Brad and I have some amazing friends & family.  So many have reached out to help us during this time!  I don't say it enough... we are truly blessed!  THANK YOU ALL!!!

So, tomorrow I should receive Brad's address at boot camp.  If anyone wants it, please shoot me an email at or on Facebook.  The only thing we ask is that no goodies are sent to him in the mail (I mean it, Craig!!!) that includes food of any kind or any other items that would get him in trouble.  Letters only, PLEASE.  I cannot wait for him to get his writing privileges so I can hear all about his experiences at boot cap.  It's so hard not having the opportunity to talk to him everyday, but I'm so glad we can still write!

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