Tuesday, March 15, 2011

stefan lessard. boyd tinsley. and secret stash.

Last week I got word {thanks to Facebook} that Stefan Lessard, bass player of the Dave Matthews Band, was returning to Killington for a live show/charity event.  For those of you who don't know, I love, LOVE, LOVE DMB & Stefan has always been my favorite!  So, when this came across the social network, I was uber excited!!! :-)

The last time Stefan came to Killington, with a random group of musicians, Brad and I were in Jamaica exchanging our wedding vows.  They were called Yukon Cornelius then...this time around, they went by the name of Secret Stash & the group included Eric Fawcett from Spy Mob and N*E*R*D; Brett Scallions from FUEL, Warren DeMartini from RATT, Adam Gardner & Ryan Miller of Guster & the one & only Boyd Tinsley {the violinist of DMB}.

One cannot fathom the excitement I felt for this show.  I knew it would be unlike any DMB show I had been to!  Actually, being that the lead singer from Fuel was there, it reminded me of my high school years when I used to go to Fuel shows & had a few opportunities to meet Brett!  I thought it would be funny, had we had the opportunity/time, to catch up with him & ask him if he remembered me {from 11 years ago}...haha.

We're about an hour and a half away from Killington & it was a Sunday night.  Brad worked the day shift & I had to be at work first thing Monday morning, so there was no hanging out in hopes to meet the band.  This chicky was all about getting home and getting as much sleep as possible before the alarm clocks went off.  I knew it would be bad enough being Daylight Savings {and besides, Brad's not big on hanging out to meet people... he tends not to see famous people as being any different or any more exciting than the average Joe}.  I, on the other hand, get butterflies every time I meet somebody remotely famous!

Now, everything about the remainder of this blog is terrible... well, everything except for the memories I was able to capture.  The lighting was terrible {whoever had control of the lights really liked red} & being that The Pickle Barrel is a teenie tiny club/barn & the music was quite loud, the videos sound aweful, but I'm posting it all anyway because if nobody else appreciates all of this, I know my brothers {Jason & Justin} & sister-in-law {Pam} will appreciate it for what it's worth.  And one of these days I will remember that I won't get a pat down when entering a show anymore & I could totally pull off getting through the door with my Canon... the point and shoot is aweful {a quick, inexpensive purchase Brad and I made when both of our cameras bit the dust & we were headed to Maine on vacation... it serves it's purpose, but I guess I'm just spoiled these days.... seriously, people's cell phones were taking better photos than this camera & unfortunately, I forgot my phone at home, so it's all I had}.  Ok, enough babbling... off to the grainy terribly amazing captured memories.

{the opening band: Pete Kilpatrick Band}

{my favorite shot of the night}

I even caught some of it on video... but, like I said they're pretty bad, so if you don't want to sit through the noise, I won't blame you one bit. :-)

Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper

The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go

Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love
{one of my favorites of the night}

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall
{another favorite... and I think this is the moment Brad enjoyed most}

Dave Matthews Band - #41 with Boyd!!

This will definitely go down as one of my most memorable evenings! :-)
Even Brad enjoyed it {it only took him 3 days to admit it}.
And, when it comes time to leave Vermont, I'm going to have to make trips back for this show, because it is 100% worth every penny!!!

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