Saturday, March 5, 2011

no party like snow party

I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan of snow, but last Saturday, I was reminded of the beauties of it.
If only we had a hill in our yard  I think I might enjoy winter more
{I know, how can we live in Vermont and not have a hill in our yard??}, but we have a river instead.
Last Saturday, our friends, the Wrights, were celebrating the oldest's birthday by inviting their closest friends over for a night time sledding party! 
Jamie lit up the yard & Jenn had all sorts of goodies for everyone to enjoy, from hoagies, to dips & of course, hot chocolate!!!  It was a blast for the kids & adults, alike!

{sorry for some of the noise & drowning in the pictures... a flash was a must}
{the birthday boy}

{Jamie built a large fire to warm up next to... I spent a great deal of time up there}

{seconds later, Jamie & JT ended up over the bank, popping this sled... must have been a crazy ride}

{even the adults had fun}

{The birthday boy blows out his candles}

The only things missing were Brad {the downfall to working doubles is missing all of the fun}
and a ski lift to get up the hill.
Happy Birthday, Dylan!  And thanks for such a great time, Jamie & Jenn!

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