Saturday, February 26, 2011

new necklace at the shop

For all of you who don't follow my {Pumpkin Pie Design's blog}, I think you should.
I have been battling with the idea of combining this blog with that one, but then I enjoy having them both for different reasons.

So, for those who don't follow both, I went on a button "shopping spree" this morning.
I didn't buy anything, but a girl can dream, right?

I put together a treasury of some of the button stuff I love on Etsy:

That was {this} post.

And then I thought I needed a button item in MY store, too!!!

And that was {this} post.

I love LOVE LOVE buttons {if you couldn't tell}.

So, everyone should head over to {Pumpkin Pie Design} and follow us there so you can see all of the new creations that I have going on in my head because I am so bad at double posting on both blogs. <3


  1. Take my experiential advice, and if the Asics work out to be "your sneaker", GO BACK and buy another pair. The New Balance and Assics and most all of the companies CHANGE things with each "new model", which happens faster than you can believe it! They ARE expensive, but so are good shoes, and nothing is worse than painful feet, shins, etc., except scouring the planet for "the previous model" of your awesome sneaker! I did this last time, and switch sneakers every other month, and honestly, they're both lasting way longer than one pair would have!?!?