Saturday, February 26, 2011

new necklace at the shop

For all of you who don't follow my {Pumpkin Pie Design's blog}, I think you should.
I have been battling with the idea of combining this blog with that one, but then I enjoy having them both for different reasons.

So, for those who don't follow both, I went on a button "shopping spree" this morning.
I didn't buy anything, but a girl can dream, right?

I put together a treasury of some of the button stuff I love on Etsy:

That was {this} post.

And then I thought I needed a button item in MY store, too!!!

And that was {this} post.

I love LOVE LOVE buttons {if you couldn't tell}.

So, everyone should head over to {Pumpkin Pie Design} and follow us there so you can see all of the new creations that I have going on in my head because I am so bad at double posting on both blogs. <3

Sunday, February 20, 2011

week one {complete}

Since Brad joined the Navy, it is inevitable that we will end up on a beach somewhere & with time-a-ticking, I am in NO shape to be living near a beach.  So, this week I've decided to hunker down and do my best to be bathing suit ready before we leave the mountains of Vermont.

I've been a member of for years & have heard so often about Couch to 5k.. basically taking you from couch potato to running a 5k in 9 weeks.  There was a day and time (before winter hit) that I could run a 5k, but I've gotten lazy over the past couple months (winter does that to me EVERY year).  So, I have decided to work my way back into running.  Besides, when the hubster tells me that he runs 8 miles daily, I feel like a lazy tub-a-lub...haha.  I can't tell you how motivating he is.

With the program I feel so motivated to finish each day.  Without it, I'm sure I could find a million reasons not to leave the warm house and head out into the cold winter weather that seems to have returned for a little while.  I found the first week to be really easy... a little too easy & wonder if I should have just jumped right into Couch to 10k, instead, but I figured I'd take baby steps & work my way up to that program at a later date.  I pray we will end up on a beach somewhere that allows me to run year round.  I really want to try my hand at running on a beach (even though people tell me it's so difficult).

So, that picutre is my motivation to get where I want to be before we are surrounded by lots of itty bitty, skinny, bikini wearing chickies.  I will try to keep everyone posted on my progress through the 9 weeks.  First, this girl needs to get her butt to a shoe fitting store for new sneakers.  Probably not a good thing when you can feel the different ridges in the bottom of your sneakers with the bottom of your feet... eek.

Wish me luck! :-)