Sunday, January 9, 2011

three years

Three years ago, Brad and I were standing on a beach in Jamaica, with some of our loved ones, vowing to always love each other... through thick & thin & through whatever God brings upon us.  It's amazing to know that that was three years ago already.  Time goes too fast when you're spending it with the person you love unconditionally!  I wouldn't trade any of these moments, good or bad, in for the world!  Having the opportunity to face each day with Brad by my side, makes me look forward to the next adventure we will encounter.

When we were in Arizona, Brad's parents treated us to dinner at the Melting Pot for our anniversary.  We shared the moment with Brad's sister, Jenni, and her husband, Rod to celebrate their birthdays, too!  As you will see from the pictures, we had a ton of fun!


Yesterday was our official anniversary.
Brad worked most of the day, but when he got home we had initially planned to make our own Melting Pot dinner.
When we realized we still had to put a grocery list together & go grocery shopping & cook... we decided to make our lives a little easier.  At that rate it would have been midnight before we ate dinner.  So we focused more on a celebratory drink.
When we were in Jamaica, Brad's favorite drink was Snake Eyes (which, luckily, was the easiest drink on the Couples Resorts bar menu to make).

That bottle of rum creme was purchased in Jamaica 3 years ago!
This just goes to show how much we drink.  I think of all of the bottles that came home with us from our wedding, this was the first one we opened.  Even when we bought the bottle of cocunut rum, Brad and I looked at each other & said, "We're going to have this bottle FOREVER."
So, if anyone is looking for a 1/4 drank bottle of coconut rum & rum creme, we're your go to couple! :-)

So, while we were out in town grabbing that bottle of coconut rum, we decided to try a local italian restaraunt, Allegros.
It has been in Bennington for years & somehow we always forget about it when we have something to celebrate.
It's a beautiful little restaraunt with brick walls and simple decorations.  The portions were huge!  Even Brad couldn't finish his meal!!!  It was delicious & we loved it!

We were able to convince our server to take our picture right before we left.

Two years ago, on our first anniversary, Brad bought me The Beatles Monopoly (since the traditional gift for 1 year is paper & we all know how much I love The Beatles & Monopoly).  So, we decided to make it a tradition that we play on our anniversary.

We had tons of fun & Brad won (for a change... I made the mistake of sharing all of my Monopoly playing secrets with him over the years & he definitely uses them against me)!

I am enjoying spending every moment of my life with this boy!
If anyone can figure out how I can stop the clock, please let me know!
It's all going by too fast, but I cannot wait to see what our future has to hold for us!


  1. Happy Anniversary again.. I love the pictures of you guys. You look so happy and Kalen you hit it on the nail about Love, Life and Soul Mates. Love the notes above. So, glad your Brad's wife and our daughter-in-law.
    Love you both very much. xxoo

  2. Kalen,

    You look gorgeous! Brad looks so mature and distinguished. xoxo