Sunday, January 30, 2011


I really have nothing to report from the snowy mountains of Vermont.
Brad and I have been on opposite schedules again.
I had gotten used to him always being around, that the busier schedule is a learning curve for me.
But, it's good.  More hours means more opportunity to put some money away, which will come in handy down the road.
In the meantime, while Brad's fighting crime, I've been trying to relax and enjoy my weekends as much as possible.

As we all know, I love Facebook & I spend WAY too much time on that silly social networking site.
I love catching up with old friends & getting to read about what my family is up to hundreds & thousands of miles away.
But, my all time favorite thing about Facebook is getting to see my nieces and nephews grow up!
We miss so much up here in the north... those kids {and us} don't get any younger.

My sister-in-law posted some super sweet pictures of my niece & nephew sledding today.
I just loved this shot:

Of course I had to go and play with it in photoshop.

It brings so many memories back of my brothers and I when we lived in Huff's Church!
It didn't matter how little snow there was on the ground,
as long as there was enough to get that sled moving, we were happy.

And I just love Bryn's perserverance. 
No matter how small she is, she is committed to
doing anything she sets her heart out to do.
And Dylan's patience!  He's such a wonderful big brother, just like mine are to me!
Dylan & Bryn make such great friends & I just know they will be best friends when they are older, too.

I miss those two & cannot wait to make a trip to PA to visit with them.
We are always thinking of you guys up here in snow country!
Come visit... we'll show you what real snow looks like. ;-)
And please stop growing up!  I hate missing these wonderful moments!
We love you!

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  1. Karen:
    Love your blog here and will check out the other one. I am so glad that you have teamed up with Ms. Mustard Seed and hope that I win ne, if not will order one if I can get on Etsy. I have a shop and would love to carry some of your jewelry. You do a great job and I am so glad that you aer with Ms. Mustard Seed. Love her blog also. One day maybe I will get one, seems like to much trouble, but thanks to all you hard workers out there I love blogs. Continue the great work and I have added you as one of my favorite blogs & will get on the other one. Love your jewelry. I will just take either one of them (Ha).
    Betty Whatley