Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arizona {cont'd}

I'm missing Arizona.
Especially after the snow that just got dumped on us.
I'm hoping to return soon....
....really soon!

Sitting by the pool was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  I had no reason to take my vitamin D pills that week.
Although it wasn't warm enough to go swimming, it was beautiful enough to soak up some rays.
You can't do that right now in Vermont.

Everyone spent the week sitting around talking... even the kiddos!
It was wonderful spending time with them. The last time we saw them, Tre was 4, Britton was only 1, & Maddox was weeks old. Presley hadn't been born yet, so it was great meeting her.

What could they possibly be looking at?

I am fascinated by hot air balloons.  Someday I'll go up in one.
I'll never forget the day my mom went up in a hot air balloon with my Grandad for his birthday.
SHE LOVED IT and talked about it all of the time {even after many years passed}.
These were out almost everyday.  Maybe I'll have to put it on my agenda for our next visit.

We miss you all & we're missing that sunshine!

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