Sunday, November 7, 2010


Last Saturday, Brad and I ventured out to Salem, MA to celebrate Halloween!
Seven years ago, Brad and I went on one of our first dates to Salem.
It was a very spur of the moment trip & I knew, right then, that Brad's "fly by the seat of his pants" personality was one of the qualities I loved most about him.
For the past six Halloweens, we haven't been able to go to Salem, due to our work schedules...
...who knew it was such a busy holiday for Brad to work on? ;-)

So, when Brad was lucky enough to have last Saturday off, we jumped on the opportunity to make a day trip out of it.

We packed a picnic & ventured three hours east to the historical town of Salem.
We started the day going on a tour about the pirates of New England...

I love the tours they host, but I am deathly afraid of people jumping out at me.  Luckily for me, this one only had one person sitting by the exit.  When he moved, I jumped a mile high!  The worst part was, he didn't even jump out at me.  He just moved his head.  Maybe Salem isn't the place for me on Halloween... haha.

There were witches everywhere!
But, my favorite of all was the brown witch...

She had a tip jar in front of her & everytime somebody would slide a dollar bill in, she would make a sharp kissing sound.
Brad HATED it!!!
But, she was so entertaining, I found us going back to watch her on multiple occassions throughout the day.

We even stopped by the witches house!  Unfortunately the line was so long, we didn't get a chance to take the tour.

Brad's favorite part of the day was down by the waterfront!

Are you at all surprised that he loved touring the ships?

On our first trip to Salem, Brad introduced me to kettle corn.
I've never liked it since that day, but it always reminds me of Brad & Salem whenever I see it!

We ate our fair share of fat food while we were there, but stayed away from the kettle corn.
If I could share with you the apple cinnamon bun with ice cream on top, that we had, I would!

After walking around town & eating our yummy desserts, we went on a candle lit tour of Salem.

We really enjoyed our time in Salem.
I was happy we were able to go back!
Maybe in another 7 years, we'll find ourselves roaming the streets of Salem again.

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  1. HOW FUN!!! now i want to watch hocus pocus!!! haha. Im incredibly jealous! LOVE the photos Kalen!!!