Tuesday, October 12, 2010

a visit

We were blessed this weekend with a visit from Brad's cousin, Craig!
He came all the way from Alabama!
It is hard to believe that I haven't seen him since he stood beside Brad at our wedding!
{Where has the time gone?}

We are so proud of Craig!
A few weeks ago he graduated from flight school with his wings!
In a few weeks, the Army will ship him to Egypt to fly Black Hawks!
{Talk about one heck of an accomplishment!}

These boys are so much more like brothers, than cousins!
It really is a shame that they don't get to see each other more often,
but I know Brad has been so excited to have spent some time with Craig in the past month!
And we're hoping we'll get at least one more visit before he ships out!

Craig and Brad have always shared the same interests, hobbies, & goals.
They both drove Jeeps & Brad even helped Craig build his Jeep Willy's.
They played capture the flag as kids & climbed Mount Cardigan on a regular basis
{Brad loves that hike so much to have chosen it as the location to propose to me...
and Craig was there to share the experience with us}
I can't begin to tell you how happy Brad was for Craig when he joined the military
{a life long dream of Brad's}.
He was equally as excited to hear that he was going to fly helicopters for his career.

We are both so excited for Craig to be able to live his dream
{even if we will miss him terribly}

We were so happy to spend some time with you this weekend, Craig!
Please come back soon {i.e. October 25th} :-)

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  1. Kalen, I love this picture of Brad and Craig. You are right they are more like brothers than cousins. I'm so happy that Craig was able to visit with you guys. I forgot it had been that long since you had seen him. Beautiful!!