Thursday, October 21, 2010


Every year I say I'm going to go back to carving a "simple" pumpkin & every year I ignore the little voice inside my head that tells me to do so.
Brad always gives me a hard time when I tell him I will be carving a cute little jack-o-lantern.
He loves to go to the extreme with his pumpkins.
And he always seems to expect the same from me.
This year was no exception.

I looked for a VERY long time for a picture to carve into my pumpkin.
I kept coming up empty handed, but at the last minute, today, I remembered one of the pumpkins I wanted to carve last year...

He was my inspiration. 
And while we carved pumpkins, Damon enjoyed taking over the ENTIRE couch.
He's always been good at giving the puppy dog eyes.

We worked really hard to get our pumpkins carved so we wouldn't be up all night...
...and for once, Brad finished before me.
I thought I picked a fairly simple template & Brad was under the impression his was equally as complicated as past years.
Turns out, we were wrong!

But, in the end, it was all worth it!

I tried so hard to get Damon's picture with my pumpkin, but he just wasn't having it.
I don't know if it was the camera, the excitement of getting him near the pumpkin, or the pumpkin itself that he was afraid of,
but even treats made my little photo shoot challenging {so, please excuse the blurry pictures}.

He did not want to budge.  I coaxed him with treats, bread, toys... Damon is stubborn when he wants to be.

This was as good as it got, and I'm pretty sure there was a treat somewhere nearby.

Brad's pumpkin is a logo from one of his favorite breweries.
It looks tough, huh?

I may need to start brain storming next year's pumpkin, so I'm not as rushed to pick a template...
...but, then again, it seemed to work in my favor this year. :-)


  1. Thanks Brian. My sassy pumpkin at Tara's will not be nearly as complicated! haha.

  2. Awesome! They came out great!

  3. very talented - I just bought the fake pumpkins that can be carved on sale at 60% off. I may have to try to carve a likeness of one of my dogs.

  4. I don't know what kind of dog you have, but I got the template here:


  5. Great looking pumpkins guys!!! I think next year you have to come to PA and we all need to carve them together!

  6. I agree!!! It would be so much fun to carve pumpkins with the kids!!! Have you guys done that this year?

  7. Dad and I always look forward to your pumpkin creations every year. We love them!! I think Damon likes his pumpkin too.. It will be so much fun when you have children and they can partake in the fun. Love you..

  8. We haven't done pumpkins this year and it doesn't look like we will get a chance. School keeps me so busy and Jason is kept busy doing everything I don't have time to, cleaning, and laundry! Oh and taking care of the kids! You're mom would be so proud of all he does for us while I'm getting through school!
    Oh and speaking of your mom, you look so much like her in that picture of you and Brad carving! I scrolled down and quickly scrolled back up because I saw her in your picture!!!
    The kids love your pumpkins and would love to do them with you guys next year! I say we plan that!!!!