Saturday, October 9, 2010

an anniversary gift

**shhhh.... Pam, don't show Jason**

Today, my oldest brother & his wife are celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary!
I do not know where the time has gone!
I was just a senior in high school when they got married!

My brother met Pam when I was 16, so she has definitely become the big sister I never had.
We have been best friends like only sisters are...
We have fought like only sisters do...
And she has been a shoulder to cry on many times...
She is part of the family & I couldn't begin to imagine things any other way!

I love this picture!
My mom bought two dresses for their wedding.
They were both purple!
We joked about it for years!

Everyone was so  young back then!

The wedding pictures were taken at Otts Nursery in/near Skippack, PA!
It was such a great idea & I loved the mountain of mums in October!!
{haha... I'm up there... can you tell which one?!?}


So, I have decided to make my brother a gift today to honor their anniversary.

I have been sitting on these leather bracelets for MONTHS, trying to figure out what to stamp on them.
So, today I decided to stamp it with the date of their wedding!
I think this was a great idea & I think Jason will love it!

I added them to the shop & it will make a great gift for all of the guys out there!
It's about time I get more items up there for the men.

{Pam, I'll put it in the mail on Monday}

Happy Anniversary, Jason & Pam!
Here's to a lifetime of happiness!
We love you!!!

1 comment:

  1. What a great day that was!!!
    'And you were so much younger
    Hard to explain that we are stronger'
    We have so many wonderful memories from our wedding day! The mum mound was my mom's idea and a great idea it was indeed! the pictures turned out beautifully thanks to a wonderful photographer!
    I am so blessed to have gotten you as my sister in the deal! We've had our ups and downs, but the good by far outweigh the bad! Mom would be so happy to know that our relationship has gotten stronger and that we have leaned on each other in her absence. I love you!!
    Jason's going to LOVE this! It's totally his style :)