Friday, September 24, 2010

military necklace sale

We're offering  10% off  our military necklaces through September 30, 2010!
{regularly $25}

I just LOVE these!! 
They are 100% sterling silver
& handstamped on a 1 inch pendant with
"i <3 my sailor/airman/soldier"
Made for any branch of the military!

I would love to make a similar version of this for Military Moms, too!
"proud mom of a {your branch title here}"
So, if you know a Military Mom who is oh so proud of her military kid,
this would make a GREAT gift!

Visit my shop here and order one today!
The month is quickly coming to an end. 
Don't miss this great opportunity!!


  1. I love those. but what the heck would I put? I love my Dr. captain. Rod.? hahaha. too cute!!!

  2. HAHA... I think we'll need a bigger pendant! ;-)

  3. I got mine last week and I love it!! Thanks so much!

  4. So glad you love it, Delainey! :-) It's one of my favorites to make!