Friday, September 17, 2010

a birthday & a girls day

Greg turned 34 last Friday!

**Are you noticing a trend of posting a week after the event?!?**

Let me just tell you how rich and amazing this chocolate cake was!!
And those are espresso beans on top!

The kids LOVED the party...

...LOVED whatever they could get their hands on to play with...

...and, like me, LOVED the cake!!!

We all had a great time celebrating Greg's birthday!
**Sorry for the lack of a picture of Greg... he was on duty, on his lunch break, & in uniform. 
It's not always in best taste to post pictures of the local cops on the internet**

On Saturday, Amanda kidnapped me & we had a girls day in Bellows Falls... just me, her, & Logan!

We had lunch at Amanda's favorite chinese restaraunt & headed out for a few hours of shopping!

On the way there, Logan caught up on her reading.

The Vermont Country Store is a cute little tourist spot, set up to look like an old fashioned general store.
They have an entire room of penny candy (can't believe I missed the opportunity to take pictures of it).
And all of the knick knacks that they sell are very vintage! 
I could spend hours here!

Outside, they have so much to do & we took full advantage of it!

We loved these swings.
The horses were made out of tires!

I think we're all putting hammocks on our Christmas lists!

How sweet is this sign?

We had a great time & I'm itching for another girls day out!!

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