Friday, September 24, 2010

military necklace sale

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I just LOVE these!! 
They are 100% sterling silver
& handstamped on a 1 inch pendant with
"i <3 my sailor/airman/soldier"
Made for any branch of the military!

I would love to make a similar version of this for Military Moms, too!
"proud mom of a {your branch title here}"
So, if you know a Military Mom who is oh so proud of her military kid,
this would make a GREAT gift!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"our lives are better left to chance..."

This picture says so much about my mom!  She was always happy & so quirky!
I remember going through pictures with her & she joked about how many there
were of her standing at the buffet table... hehe.  But, she always looked so cute!

{Aunt Joan, Aunt Karen, Mom, Mom Mom, Aunt Mona, Aunt Mary}

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years, to the day, since she passed.  Nothing has been the same since.
I often wonder what would be different if she were here today.

*Would Brad & I have been married in Jamaica?
*Would we still be in Vermont?
*Would our lives be taking the same path?

It's impossible to say, but I do know she would have supported us no matter what,
because that is what she did.  She was the type of mom who let you live your life
& let you learn from your mistakes, but whatever those mistakes may be,
you knew you always had her to lean on when things didn't go right,
& somebody to celebrate with when everything went as planned!

She always knew what to say, or what not to say.  If you needed somebody
to just sit and listen, she was the one!  If you needed advice,
nobody could offer any greater!  That is one of the things I miss most about my mom! 
There are many days I would give so much to just
pick up the phone and call her!  To tell her how everything is going in life...
And most importantly, to ask her if I am making the biggest mistake of my life!
She always knew...
...I don't know how, but she did!

I often dream of her!  The worst dreams are the ones I wake up from not knowing if she's
really gone.  I always wake up feeling an emptiness in my heart.
I'm a firm believer that when I see her in my dreams, she is really there, visiting with me.
I think that's what makes it so hard when I wake up...'s like saying goodbye all over again.

{Mom & Dylan}

She loved her family! 
Every single one of us! 
She always said she didn't have a favorite out of us three kids,
and looking back on it, I really do believe her!  She loved us all for so many different reasons.

Jason was her first born... they always hold a special place in any parent's heart.
He was the first to do EVERYTHING!  She learned right along with him.
And he kept the rest of us from getting into trouble, because once it was our turn to
experience something, it was no longer new to Mom. 
**Thanks Jason!** :-)

Justin was her braniac!  She was always so proud of him & his accomplishments in school!
Things seemed to come easy to him.  He got great grades in school & barely had to try,
he's an amazing artist & he could beat a video game in a matter of days (sometimes even hours).
But, above all, he's so humble about it & I think that's one of the things she loved most about Justin!

And I'm her baby girl!  I was lucky enough to be the only girl & the youngest...
that holds a special place in any mom's heart, I like to believe! 
She was my best friend & everyday of my life I pray to be able
to be half the mom she was to us.

But, like I said, she really didn't have a favorite.  We each held a special place in her heart.
We each gave her new experiences.  And she handled our three, sometimes very different, personalities
like nobody else could have.
We were there with her through the good & the bad & that is all she ever asked of us.

I would give so much to spend the rest of my life knowing I could call her to say "hi" or pop in for a visit...
But, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for any other mom.
God had a plan for her & needed another angel in heaven.

It's amazing how much life has changed not having her here to point us in the right direction,
but as Brad's mom told me the other day, she instilled so much in us & we carry her memory,
her beliefs, & her morals with us everyday. 
If there's one thing I could carry on in her memory, it's that, no matter how hard things are, you can always make somebody's day with a smile! 
It's the little things in life that make the biggest difference.

Friday, September 17, 2010

a birthday & a girls day

Greg turned 34 last Friday!

**Are you noticing a trend of posting a week after the event?!?**

Let me just tell you how rich and amazing this chocolate cake was!!
And those are espresso beans on top!

The kids LOVED the party...

...LOVED whatever they could get their hands on to play with...

...and, like me, LOVED the cake!!!

We all had a great time celebrating Greg's birthday!
**Sorry for the lack of a picture of Greg... he was on duty, on his lunch break, & in uniform. 
It's not always in best taste to post pictures of the local cops on the internet**

On Saturday, Amanda kidnapped me & we had a girls day in Bellows Falls... just me, her, & Logan!

We had lunch at Amanda's favorite chinese restaraunt & headed out for a few hours of shopping!

On the way there, Logan caught up on her reading.

The Vermont Country Store is a cute little tourist spot, set up to look like an old fashioned general store.
They have an entire room of penny candy (can't believe I missed the opportunity to take pictures of it).
And all of the knick knacks that they sell are very vintage! 
I could spend hours here!

Outside, they have so much to do & we took full advantage of it!

We loved these swings.
The horses were made out of tires!

I think we're all putting hammocks on our Christmas lists!

How sweet is this sign?

We had a great time & I'm itching for another girls day out!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

battleship cove

On Labor Day, Brad and I took a trip out to Falls River, MA for a little field trip.  Brad had stumbled upon Battleship Cove online (he swears he went there once as a kid, but cannot confirm nor deny it).  We love touring the USS Slater in Albany, but this takes Navy ships to a whole new level!  I knew he would love it & that alone made it a great day for me!

Battleship Cove is a Navy museum near Providence, RI. 
We spent the entire day touring 5 different ships, including a submarine. 
It's all very fascinating!

I love anchors...

An Army helicopter!  We thought of Craig!!  Way to go on getting your wings, Craig!

I <3 the crackerjack uniforms.

I was too short to be able to look through the binoculars.

There was an entire section in the museum on the Women of War.  It was fascinating.

Looking forward...

The submarine.

This was a wooden Navy ship.  Brad told me it was common to be painted this way.

I loved those wooden shoes from the Philippines.  They had so much detail in them!
All of the memorabilia from different countries was so neat.  Most of it was from WWII
& a lot of it was gifts that sailors sent home to their family when they went to port.
There were ROOMS full of these knick knacks.

Where will we go from here?...

...Only time will tell.