Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Oh my, I feel like I've been gone from blogger for so long, I almost forgot how to put a post together.  Let's see if I still have it in me...

As promised in the beginning of the month, I have reception pictures from Alison & Rob's wedding.
(I hope you like them as much as the ceremony pictures, Alison).

I was thrilled when Alison called me last week after her trip to Walmart to develop a few of the pictures I posted to the last blog post.  Supposedly when she went to the desk to check out, the cashier at the photo desk told Alison that she couldn't let her purchase the pictures because there was most likely a copyright on them, thinking they were professional shots.  I was a bit hubbled when she told me this.  So, I hope these pictures meet her expecations. :-)  She's been so patiently waiting for these & I feel terrible it has been taking me so long to get them to her!  Please forgive me, Alison! <3

(I love the one bead that rolled out of place... it's the little things, really... hehe).

(I want to know what was so funny, Alison). ;-) 
BTW, I love the picture.

Alison chose a song for the Father Daughter dance that her dad used to sing to her and her sister as kids.  It was a song about Christopher Robin & Winnie the Pooh... it was the sweetest thing & they sang it to eachother throughout the dance.  It even brought a tear to my eye!

Daddy's little girl...

Don't worry, Alison.  We were all shedding a tear with you after that dance.

Rob can't keep his eyes off his beautiful bride.

The girls wanted to go play in the pool!

These were the ushers gifts... how creative are they?

Rob's parents were adorable!  They had so much fun on the dance floor.

(Brad took this & I love it)

It was a wonderful night & it was sad to see it come to an end, but we are so happy for the beautiful couple & wish them a lifetime of happiness!  xoxo

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