Sunday, July 4, 2010

jt & ck

I cannot even begin to tell you the place James Taylor's music holds in my heart!  I can relate every song & every lyric to a moment in my life & in more times than not, those lyrics will bring tears to my eyes.

For those who don't know, I work in Williamstown, MA (about half an hour from Lenox, MA where Tanglewood is located).  Luckily for us locals, James Taylor plays there every 4th of July.  I was lucky to see him there the summer leading into my senior year of college & even luckier when my good friend, Alison,  was able to get me a pair of tickets to the show this year (thanks to Don & Matt... the bosses in the office)!  Unfortunately, Brad had to work (as he usually does on holiday weekends), but the ticket did not go to waste.  Alison's brother-in-law's brother was able to enjoy the show, too.  We were all so excited to enjoy the beautiful weather with yummy food and great music!

One of my favorite things about Tanglewood is that it is beautiful, quiet, & peaceful (very much like SPAC on a smaller scale).  Even better is they allow you to bring almost anything into the theater... coolers, tables, chairs, cameras... you name it!  So, we packed up the cars & made a delicious picnic and spent our entire afternoon soaking up the rays.

Alison's sister, Nicole & brother-in-law, Justin were able to join us, too!  They are so sweet!  For Nicole's birthday, Alison asked that I make her a bracelet with a "j" and "o" pendant (the initials of Nicole & Justin's daughters).  As you can see, she loved it!!

Alison, Nicole & I have a little bit in common, so when it came to the music that was played, I think we all shed some tears for each song.  But, that didn't take away from the enjoyment of the concert... actually, it made it that much more special for each of us, I think.

Nicole's husband just got a great job in Washington D.C. and they will be relocating in a few months.  This moment meant so much to Alison to be able to spend it with her sister!  A moment they will remember forever, I'm sure.

I wish I would have had the lense I have been eyeing up for this moment... but, I guess this shot of JT getting some water will do the trick.  You can bareley see Carole King's hair peeping out.  She was just amazing!  I don't know that I ever gave her the credit she deserved!  Her voice blew us all out of the water!  With JT by her side, it was a phenomenal duo.  I just couldn't pass up the cd when we were leaving the venue.

This shot emphasizes how small the venue is.  I was standing at the very edge of the grass, behind the "shed" (as everyone kept calling it)... I like to think of it as a pavilion.  It was a fabulous show.  The only thing that would have made it better was having my husband by my side to enjoy it, too.

These were some of my favorite moments from the concert... Of course I could have listed every song, but you get the idea:


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  1. Looks like a great place to see a show! Glad you had fun, I really wish I could've have come and shared it with you. But with coming up in a week, it makes things a little difficult!

    My fav JT song as well!! (Did I ever tell you my friends name is Carol King, yes, I'm not kidding!!)