Sunday, June 20, 2010

jack & jill

I've never heard of a Jack & Jill until I came to Vermont.  It's very common up here for the bride & groom-to-be to have a big celebration together in place of a bridal shower!  What a fabulous idea!

One of many of the weddings we are attending this summer is for our good friends Jeff & Amanda.  Jeff works for the town of Dover, where Mt. Snow is located.  It just happens to be the next town over from where Brad works, so any opportunity they get to back eachother up, they take it.  They have become great friends over the years, which in turn, found me a great friend in Amanda!

Their celebration was last Sunday (I know I'm very delayed in the blogging world), but I wasn't about to forget this blog.  We have had lots of rain for the past two weeks, and unfortunately it conitnued for their party... but, we never let a little rain stop the fun!

Who said money doesn't grow on trees?

Miss Logan is Jeff & Amanda's little girl.  She's ready to fill the role of flower girl!

Cigars are the quintessential way to celebrate!  Strike a pose, boys.

Poor Logan was being taunted by Greg during our photo-opp.

What a great way to celebrate this beautiful couple! 
Only a month away from the big day & we cannot wait to be a part of it!

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