Thursday, June 24, 2010

amanda & jeremy

On Saturday, June 19th, our good friends Amanda & Jeremy got married!  So exciting!!!  The big day was held at Jeremy's parents farm house in the hills of New York.  The scenery was just stunning & they couldn't have asked for better weather!!  Amanda was a blushing bride & absoultely beautiful!  I love  her victorian dress, but most of all, I love how she brought out her fun side in her shoes:

So much fun!!!

They are such a beautiful couple!

For dinner, they found a very unique caterer who made fresh pizza in this traveling copper stove.  It was beautiful & the pizza was just yummy!  All of the ingredients came from local farms!  I think I ate enough pizza to last me until their one year anniversary!

We met Jeremy & Amanda thanks to these love birds!  Amanda, Brad, & I were in Brian & Heber's wedding last summer... and in turn, we met this wonderful couple:

...who just got engaged a few weeks ago & are getting married next summer!

LOVE the cake topper!!!

Brad took this picture & I just adore it!

Best wishes to a long and happy life together, Jeremy & Amanda!


  1. UM HELLO!!!!!!! that black & white shot of you & brad is STUNNING!!!! love love love it. you 2 would make cute babies;) haha.

  2. I love how they supported the local farmers!!! What a beautiful, simple and elegant wedding!!! You and Brad look like you enjoyed yourselves, and of course took some wonderful shots! Another wedding down :)

  3. Jenni, my hair was HORRIBLE from the humidity. Note to self, keep it curly for outdoor weddings. And, hopefully, someday we'll get to have cute babies.... someday.

    Pam, yes, another one down. We're half way there... three more to go!!! Two of which are next month. My favorite part about this one was they were registered at Bennington Pottery! Any excuse to shop there is a good one! :-)

  4. You got some excellent shots, Kalen! It was good to see you, wish we had more time to catch up!

  5. You really are a great photographer and I'm so happy you had a good time!