Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have added two new items to the Etsy shop:

Just like it's sister-necklace, this layered necklace is for those who only require two names (at a discounted cost from the three layered necklace).  I was SOOO excited when Aunt Carol asked me to make her one!

And this was a Father's Day gift for Brad's Dad, but this key chain would make a great gift for anyone for just about any occassion:

I am so impressed with how well we have been doing on Etsy.  I get so excited when a new order comes in & I hope that feeling never wears off. :-)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

amanda & jeremy

On Saturday, June 19th, our good friends Amanda & Jeremy got married!  So exciting!!!  The big day was held at Jeremy's parents farm house in the hills of New York.  The scenery was just stunning & they couldn't have asked for better weather!!  Amanda was a blushing bride & absoultely beautiful!  I love  her victorian dress, but most of all, I love how she brought out her fun side in her shoes:

So much fun!!!

They are such a beautiful couple!

For dinner, they found a very unique caterer who made fresh pizza in this traveling copper stove.  It was beautiful & the pizza was just yummy!  All of the ingredients came from local farms!  I think I ate enough pizza to last me until their one year anniversary!

We met Jeremy & Amanda thanks to these love birds!  Amanda, Brad, & I were in Brian & Heber's wedding last summer... and in turn, we met this wonderful couple:

...who just got engaged a few weeks ago & are getting married next summer!

LOVE the cake topper!!!

Brad took this picture & I just adore it!

Best wishes to a long and happy life together, Jeremy & Amanda!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Friday was our Fourth Annual Dion Money Management Golf Tournament.  I am happy to say that I have had the pleasure of being a part of this from the very first year & even happier to say my team has made it in the top three winning spots for the past two years (however, I cannot be held responsible for the winnings).  Every year I find we have more fun than the last & am amazed at how much farther I can drive the ball now than I had the very first time I picked up a set of clubs four years ago.

Now, I'm sure there's nothing like a game of golf in Florida where you're surrounded by oceans and palm trees, but there is something to be said about the Berkshire Mountains (especially when there isn't any snow on them).  I was sad to hear that the bottom 9 holes were under construction & we had to play the first 9 twice... although the most challenging, the back 9 is my favorite part of the course.

Colorful balls are key.  It's the only way I know which one is mine (and the only way I can find them). 
I had really nice hot pink ones, but my husband is guilty of stealing them from me.

I love the mountains in the background.

Focus Johnny!

If you ever find yourself in Williamstown, MA, I highly recommend taking a stroll (or a ride) around this course & make sure to give me a call so I can go, too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

jack & jill

I've never heard of a Jack & Jill until I came to Vermont.  It's very common up here for the bride & groom-to-be to have a big celebration together in place of a bridal shower!  What a fabulous idea!

One of many of the weddings we are attending this summer is for our good friends Jeff & Amanda.  Jeff works for the town of Dover, where Mt. Snow is located.  It just happens to be the next town over from where Brad works, so any opportunity they get to back eachother up, they take it.  They have become great friends over the years, which in turn, found me a great friend in Amanda!

Their celebration was last Sunday (I know I'm very delayed in the blogging world), but I wasn't about to forget this blog.  We have had lots of rain for the past two weeks, and unfortunately it conitnued for their party... but, we never let a little rain stop the fun!

Who said money doesn't grow on trees?

Miss Logan is Jeff & Amanda's little girl.  She's ready to fill the role of flower girl!

Cigars are the quintessential way to celebrate!  Strike a pose, boys.

Poor Logan was being taunted by Greg during our photo-opp.

What a great way to celebrate this beautiful couple! 
Only a month away from the big day & we cannot wait to be a part of it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

happy birthday

Brad & I would like to welcome our new niece, Presley Ann-Marie, into the world!  Isn't she just beautiful?

Born on Monday, June 14th, she weighs 6lbs 5oz & is 18 inces long!  A very healthy little girl!

Brad's mom informed us that she is the quietest baby & simply perfect.

We cannot wait to meet her!

Pictures courtesy of her talented mommy!

Congratulations Jenni & Rod!  FINALLY a girl!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Aside from the rain showers we have had for the past week, I had the pleasure of celebrating with one of my dearest friends from work at her bridal shower today.  Alison is my go-to girl & such a caring, generous person.  I am so excited for her big day on July 31st & love getting to watch the steps she is taking in making her day so special!

We started off with a fun icebreaker that required us to dig through our purses to see who had the most items on this list.  Each group of items were worth a certain number of points.  I was not surprised to win, with 136 points, since I have been telling myself to clean out my purse for the past month.  Not cleaning it out actually paid off this time.

(Alison & her beautiful sister, Nicole)

This is Emily, Alison's baby girl!  She is the absolute, most adorable little girl.  She's her mom, to a T, and I couldn't help but take lots of pictures of her.  Who would have thought it wasn't her day?!? :-)

Lots of Emily lovins!

Sorry, Alison... back to your day!

Another part of the fun was watching Alison open all of her gifts!  The girl has great taste!  With all of the kitchenware she received, I hope somebody in the family is a fabulous chef!  I may have to stop by for waffles one morning with that new waffle maker she received (and don't worry, Alison, I haven't told Brad about the lobster dinner). 
And of course, it's always a blushing moment whenever that little pink box appears at a bridal shower!

(these flower pots were adorable!!!  I just loved the engraving of their names and wedding date)

Congratulations Alison & Rob!  Only a month and a half until the big day & we cannot wait!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Look who turned 4...

Our good friends, Jamie & Jen's baby boy turned 4 on Thursday & they invited us to celebrate his big day with a fun filled birthday party on Sunday!  It was the perfect way to end the weekend (and surprise, I took LOTS of pictures). :-)

The pretty pretty princesses!

(And this little pumpkin pie was loving the leftover cake frosting)!!!

And then the big boys came out to play...

The boys were soaked & we all had a fabulous time!  There's nothing better than spending the day with the Wrights!  Thanks for a great time & lots of smiles!