Sunday, May 23, 2010

take me out to the ball game

While we were home in PA we had the opportunity to go to my nephew, Dylan's, baseball game before the wedding... boy was it a busy, and exciting, day (but more on the excitement in the next post).  My brother & sister-in-law are so involved in Dylan's sports (I guess they have to be if they ever want to see him)... the boy's summer is PACKED with the Babe Ruth league & the All Star league.  He definitely takes after his dad!

Jason is one of the team coaches & I can't think of anyone who could better fit those shoes.  Jason was a starting pitcher & first baseman growing up.  An all-star player!!  I know he's so proud of his son!

Pam is the baseball mom!  She keeps track of all of the stats throughout the game!  And she's a fabulous cheerleader!

Princess Bryn loves to chat it up with all of the baseball moms!  She reminded me of how I was when Jason played... never paying attention to the game, but enjoying all of the time outside & playing with all of my friends!

And even Brad enjoyed the game.  We can't go anywhere without our coffee!!!


After starting the game on first base, Dylan came in during the third inning as the pitcher!  We were so proud of him & so excited to see him play!
He looks like such a professional out there!

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  1. Awesome Pictures Kalen!!! You captured some great moments! Being Dylan's biggest fan is the easiest job in the world and I love it!! The first time he pitched in a game, I cried because in the back of my mind I could hear your mom telling me how she handled herself when Jason pitched. It's always emotional when my little man takes the mound. He is a mini Jason that's for sure!! We crammed a lot in a short period of time while you were here that's for sure!!