Sunday, May 16, 2010

a mother's treasure

This was our gift to Brad's mom for mother's day!  Brad's sister's name on a sterling silver flower & Brad's on a copper pendant with their birthstones hanging close by!  I think these are the modern mother's ring.

On another note, we had a busy weekend!  And a fore warning, I took almost 300 pictures.  I think I'll have plenty of blog posts this week, so stay tuned!


  1. I love it! that flower shaped pendant is exactly what I want for my momma neclace for charm 4. Im thinking about mailing you my necklace so you can match it. my pendants are small. EXCEPT this time im paying for materials AND YOUR TIME! Im getting antsy to have T give his gifts to his teachers. I made little tags with your website & logo on it. haha. what can I say Im proud of my sister in law. hopefully it wilkl send at least 1 person your way!

  2. awwwwww... I would be thrilled to make the little lady a pendant... and this time I won't accept ANY money! It would be the least I could do! :-) I can't wait for Tre to give his teachers their gifts either! You're too sweet making the tags. I think that flower is 3/4" (and that's the large)... the small one was ITTY BITTY, but if your pendants for the boys are itty bitty, then the small ones are just what we'll do. I cannot wait to hear the name you pick out for her! :-)