Sunday, May 9, 2010

mom's day

I imagine today must have been the best day in the world for my mom (because, honestly, what mom wouldn't cherish a day just for her?!?).  I remember ** snuggling under the covers on the chilly mornings ** my best attempt at eggs, burnt toast, & orange juice ** being lucky enough, on occassion, to share my birthday with her special day ** & spending the day in Skippack or Peddler's Village going into the primitive shops & antiquing (because that's what we loved to do most). **  When my mom fought for her life, she told me she wasn't afraid to die... what she was afraid of, was leaving her babies behind. 

Can you blame her for feeling that way?

I know she would be so proud of us now. ** Jason, her oldest & her go to guy, is a very proud father of two wonderful kids & an amazing husband; supporting his family through all of the ups & down that life throws at all of us. ** Justin (who I'm still convinced was her favorite... hehe) is surviving in the world on his own.  We're all pretty sure if mom was still here, he would still be living at home.  She would be so proud of how easy you make it look, Justin!  ** And me, her baby, graduated from college & went off & got married to a guy that she approved of 100%.  She always told me that I would need a guy with patience unlike anything else... I couldn't have found somebody who met those requirements more & because of him, I continue to grow into the woman I'm pretty sure she hoped I would become.

I think she has taught us so much in the years we had with her that help us get through every day.

I think we're doing alright...

I speak for all of us when I say, there is not a day that we don't miss having her around or having the opportunity to pick up the phone when we need the advice that only she could give us.  My mom was one of a kind... a fighter, a friend, and the best mom that three kids could ask for.  She was selfless, always putting others ahead of her & the best listener... available at the drop of a hat.  For those who had the opportunity to know her, I would say they were blessed.  I am grateful for every day of the 23 years I had to spend with her & would give the world for just one more day.  She is always in our hearts & we are always trying to keep her alive in our everyday activities.  We had a lot to learn from her & I think she still sends her lessons to us from heaven.  I can see why today would be her favorite day & I send all of my love to her in heaven for a wonderful mother's day.


  1. Well said Kalen!
    Raising 3 children on her own most of the time, I believe 100% that she is so proud of each of you. You have all accomplished so much and have kept a strong bond along the way. I'm sure she is happy knowing that the family she took such good care of, is still taking care of each other!
    And who is kidding who, not only would Justin be living there, but we would be too!!!
    Thank you for posting pictures of her, especially the last one....that is a perfect picture of her...always smiling!! Hopefully when you come in next week, we can go through all the pictures I have!!

    The best mother-in-law any daughter-in-law could ask for and the most amazing 'Nina'!! (grandmom)


  2. Those are two of very few pictures I have of mom. The last one I took my senior year of high school in the CVS parking lot by her house with Terry's camera... we spent the day at St. Pete's & at the Exton mall, when construction was still going on, taking pictures for a science project. Then we stopped at CVS to get them all developed. I've always loved that picture (along with the one they showed at the Hospice memorial... I would love a copy of that one) for the very same reason you mentioned... she was always smiling, even on the hardest days. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go through the pictures on Friday, if we can. Can't wait to see you guys! xoxo