Sunday, May 2, 2010

God is great, beer is good, & people are crazy...

This weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating in the marriage of two of our friends from college.  On Saturday, Brad & I packed up the car & drove the three and a half hours down to Jersey.  I'm pretty sure we couldn't have asked for a nicer day; we saw 80 degree weather and tons of sunshine.  Zach & Steph are blessed right from the start.

The Groom:

Brad & Zach became great friends over the past couple of years of college.  They were in the same graduating class & were both Criminal Justice majors... After being placed in so many classes together, I think they found they have sooooo much in common.  They became gym buddies.  Whenever I went to the gym with Brad, Zach was there!  Graduation day was a sad day for all of us, I think, knowing that hanging out wouldn't come so easily.

The Bride:

Steph is a WONDERFUL girl.  The sister of Zach's best friend growing up, I'm not sure anyone knows him as well as she does.  They have been dating since college & trecked the long distance relationship from New Jersey to Vermont (that says a lot about any couple, in my opinion).  We were so lucky to have met her back in 2004-ish... and can't think of anyone better for Zach!  We're so happy this day has come!

This weekend was a weekend of reunions (well, at least for me).  Two of Brad's friends from college were also in attendance.  The boys were back in town...

...and you can't go to Jersey without doing some fist pumping!!!

We had a fabulous time & wish the night could have lasted forever. It's so sad to know that we hadn't seen them since 2007 & hope we don't have to wait so long to see them again.  We're wishing them all the best in their new life together!  We <3 you guys!!!


  1. Beautiful! The picture of you and Brad is beautiful! Love seeing both of you even if it is in pictures. The groom and bride look beautiful too.
    Love, Mom

  2. YOU LOOK HOTT!!! love the hair, the dress, the smile! we love you guys!

  3. awww... thanks ladies! Jenni, that's the dress that cost a fortune (especially after alterations), but it was worth it! Hope you're both doing well. xoxo

  4. What a great picture of you two!! Hoping you can capture a great moment of Jason and I at the next wedding with your camera! We need a picture that we don't try to take ourselves!!! They never turn out good!
    Brad looks like he had a blast back with his college buds!!

  5. Wow Kalen, you do look totally hot!! Love that dress! What a great picture!