Tuesday, May 18, 2010

gobble gobble

My brother, Justin, lives on a farm with lots of cute little animals from emus to chickens & cats.  They all come out to greet us every time we visit... however, I've never met this guy before & boy was he ready to show off for us.  I think Brad drooled a little by the sight of him (especially after an unsuccesful day of turkey hunting last week).  He was quite the beauty!


  1. I have a confession. turkeys taht are not dead & cooked scare me...a lot. haha. GREAT SHOT! ps: gave T those GORGEOUS neclaces to give to his teachers today. Im sure all hear all about it tonight at graduation from the staff & faculty. you are fantastic!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jenni! When I threw the pic in Photoshop & ran a simple correction on it... I didn't like it AT ALL! It brightened it & took away all of the nice shadowing... So, I just left it as it was! They're definitely not my favorite animal, but they are much prettier fluffed than when they're not. haha.