Friday, April 9, 2010


If you remember, a few weeks ago, Brad bought me a beautiful necklace that was stamped with "je t'aime."  I LOVE that necklace & have been really inspired by the hand stamped look of jewelry ever since.  I have been looking for a hobby for quite some time now (and since Bennington no longer sells fabric in their Walmart, I would have to commute an hour just to find a fabric store... so, needless to say, sewing is out of the question... for now).  So, I have taken up hand stamped jewelry!  It's pricey, but fun!  And, yes, selling them on Etsy has crossed my mind more than once to offset the cost!  Aunt Carol always told me that beads weren't cheap... now I understand completely!!!

I was ready to buy every piece of hand stamped jewelry that I came across... but, instead of spending all of my money on somebody else's creations, I figured I'd make them all myself.  It gives me an excuse to be creative! :-) 

Isn't it adorable?!?


  1. wait?! what?! you made that?? woah! hmmm.....I may have to make an order!!! totaly impressed sister!!!

  2. Amazing Kalen. So much talent in this family!! I may just have to place an order too!!

  3. Kalen, I just love your jewelry!! I think Carol "may have a run for her money" .. Keep up the GREAT work and totally you could sell the items anywhere online or set up a booth at the local farmers market. It is amazing the talent all of you have. It may inspire me to start quilting again. I would like to place an order myself for a couple of your necklaces.
    Love, Mom