Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I must be dreaming...

...or perhaps I was in the middle of a nightmare.  When i got home from work last night, it was snowing, big wet, white snowflakes & I was not happy, to say the least.  I heard we were to expect a good 5 inches!!  OH NO!!!  We had the snow tires taken off the Jeep a week ago!  I suppose it was a blessing in disguise that Brad needed my Jeep today & that he needs new summer tires for his car because, that means, his snow tires are still in place.  So, it was just me, the Scion, & the snow this morning.

I was not happy to wake up to see this:

(Sorry about the poor quality... this was a rushed picture on the little point and shoot as I ran out the door to get to work)

Not only was it snow... IN APRIL... April 28th, to be exact!  It was wet & soooo heavy.  It took a good 5 minutes for me to clear the car off this morning (not including the time it took me to track down an ice scraper).  Now, remember how beautiful our hike was the other day?!?  I wore flip flops for the rest of the day after our return from the top of the mountain... not today!!!

Nope... somebody had to dig her boots out!  And to think I was days from packing my winter clothes away... Maybe I'll wait until June.  The south sounds more and more tempting everyday!!!  It was nice to see that it had only been raining in Massachussetts, so honestly, I had forgotten about the snow throughout the day (which is always a blessing when there's one less thing I have to stress about).

Now, my day wasn't all bad... and with the bad comes the good, right?  I mentioned how Brad needed the Jeep this morning?  That's because he was delivering my birthday present... TWO WEEKS EARLY!!! :-D  I came home from work to this:

Nothing like my old sheets from college hanging from the walls in the dining room... hmmm... what could it be?

It was even signed with lots of love!  Are you anxious to see what it is?!?  I know I was!!!

Isn't it stunning?!?  Brad and our friend, Jamie, made it with their own two (errr.. four?) hands!!!  I've wanted a hutch for years & was so close to getting one last year for my birthday, until we were forced to replace it with the Jeep... so, when Brad asked what I wanted, I did not hesitate to jump right on this request again!  If you haven't been to our apartment, you don't know that our cabinet space is slightly limitted (well, for our liking anyway), & you also don't know that all of our canned & boxed food sit on a bakers rack in the corner of the dining room area.  I hate it, seeing as the majority of our apartment is open... our kitchen, dining room, living room & office are all one big room.  I love the layout, I just hate that when I sit on the couch, those cans and boxes stare me in the face each and every day!  Well, not anymore!  The whole purpose of the hutch was to have that much more space for storage... and for all of that Bennington Pottery that I fear will get broken due to lack of a place to display it... now I have a safe home for all of it!  This hutch was designed entirely for me & I couldn't be happier with it!  Lots and lots of thank yous to Brad & Jamie!  I truly LOVE it!

Oh, and another favorite piece of it?!?

How many hutches have you seen with a wine rack in them?  So, after a fresh coat of country red paint & some antiquing, I can finally say buh bye bakers rack & HELLO hutch!


  1. holy cow its beautiful! You will have to post a pic of it all red & fabulous. Im all about some antique red furniture!

  2. WOW! Go Brad & friend! This is sooo nice! Now you have to host a girls night to show it off! :D

  3. Oh, Tara... we TOTALLY should have a girls night! However, how do all of you girls feel about driving all of the way from Albany... it makes more sense for Amanda & I to come to you... but, if you're all interested in coming out, we'll plan something after May is over. :-)

  4. Wow, what what a beautiful hutch. I cannot believe Jamie did that. Brad too but I don't know Brad. I think he and Jamie have come upon something. I have some furniture here that you would like and maybe they can reproduce it. Drop me an email sometime and I'd love for you to see it and maybe give you some ideas of what you might like next.