Monday, April 19, 2010

an announcement

This is Mike... Brad's best friend from high school.  They lived down the road from one another & spent many waking moments together.  Brad has ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS spoken so highly of Mike (even before the day Brad introduced me to him).  I knew he must be somebody very special for Brad to be so fond of him... and I must admit, Brad has always been a very good judge of character.  Over the years and miles, Mike is one of few people Brad has been able to stay in contact with from high school & I am so glad they do (even if they are a "bad" influence on each other when they get together). ;-)  Those boys are one of a kind... or two peas in a pod (whichever you prefer).

About two years ago we had the pleasure of meeting Carly over dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  They were late... we were starving! :-)  But, we didn't let that ruin the evening!  We knew from the get-go, over conversations about pickles in a bag & the importance of wearing make-up to work (or lack-there-of), that Carly was the one for Mike.  When we left the restaraunt and Brad and I were in the car, we agreed that they were the perfect couple... I think the exact words were, "I hope they get married!"

And here we were, this weekend, in Pennsylvania, for their big announcement...

We couldn't be happier for them and we're so excited to be able to celebrate their special day with them!  They really are a beautiful couple!!!  And we're so excited to have been given the opportunity to find a new friend in Carly (have I mentioned that she's just FABULOUS??).

Now, if only that piggy bank would fill itself...

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  1. Such a beautiful couple... We are so happy for Mike and Carly and I agree they fit together and better yet Carly fits with the Bauers. They will love her as their own..