Monday, March 8, 2010


I have found a new love for 3D movies!  We've seen a few over the past year, but Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland takes the cake!  I am a big fan of many Tim Burton films.  Among them are Big Fish, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, and, of course, Beetlejuice!!!  So, when I saw last fall that he was directing Alice in Wonderland, I knew it would be a must see.

My love for Alice in Wonderland goes way back.  When I was in the sixth grade, I was in my schools play.  Out of the 20-or so card soldier girls & boys, my friend Erica and I were the only two with speaking roles.  That was a big deal for me & I was always so proud of the 10 lines I was able to deliver!  I wish I had a picture floating around of that play.  If it was Alice in Wonderland related, I loved it (minus an Alice through the Looking Glass movie from way back when that always seemed to scare me).  I was a little concerned about the twists Tim Burton was going to put on this movie.  The trailors give it such a scary feel... but, don't be fooled, it has it's soft spots!

I couldn't begin to imagine anyone else filling the shoes of the Madd Hatter!  Johnny Depp is such a quirky individual to begin with & giving him such an animated character really allowed him to show his true colors!

And I fell in love with the Red Queen (even though I know you're not supposed to), but she was the character that kept me laughing throughout the movie... OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!!!  :-)

Brad and I are big fans of date night & even better fans of the opportunity to be kids again...

& what better way than a good set of 3D glasses & a childhood movie! 

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  1. Kalen, I love your post. The picture of you and Brad with the glasses is so cute. Dad and I want to see this movie too. Dad is sick with a cold (again), so we may have to wait and miss it in 3D. I love keeping up with the DeRoo's..
    Love, Mom and Dad