Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Brewing

Brad has been itching to brew another batch of beer.  His first batch was WONDERFUL, but the store has been sold out of the ingredients for a few weeks and without knowing when they would get it in, we decided we would move on to something different.  I wasn't a huge fan of the Christmas beer (although it has been a big hit among MOST of our friends) and I was hoping for something a little lighter this time around.  If you remember, on our trip to the Samuel Adams Brewerey, we learned that they were discontinuing the White Ale (my all time favorite) and replacing it with the Noble Pils.  Since I will be without the perfect summer brew, Brad decided he would try his hand at his own version of a white ale.  So, this is what we got:

Sounds yummy... I know!!  I swear we don't drink A LOT.  It's just cheaper to make our own than it is to buy it from the store & we know Brad and his over abundance of hobbies... just add this to the list.  He loves slaving over the stove making something he can call his own. :-)

We have until May before we can even try this and I'm uber excited!!  It should be ready just in time for my birthday, so I'm thinking we'll have to have a beer tasting party!  Who's in?


  1. Yum-O!!!!!!!! Come down the weekend of your god daughter's birthday party and bring some of the good stuff!! It's going to be a blast Birthday #5! Can you believe it!!!!

  2. Brad, I would love to try some of your homemade brew. It looks like a process but the outcome is worth I gather. Enjoy! Love, Mom

  3. Pam, when is her birthday party? We have to go to NJ for a wedding the first weekend of May and we'll be down for Shaun's birthday on the 15th. Brad's parents will be in Boston at some point in May... it's a jam packed month. I hope we can make it.

    Mom, it's definitely a process... not one I would take on myself, but if he wants to do it, the outcome is worth it! :-)