Sunday, February 28, 2010

No surprise...

I am ready for spring!!!
But, at this rate, who isn't?!?

I have been perusing the internet & reading a lot of blogs this weekend (it's my favorite pasttime)!  In the process, I came across this skirt:


I want so bad to be able to wear skirts to work again!!  As it is, I keep a space heater on all day long even though I'm bundled up in pants and boots.  This skirt feels like it's so far away from my wardrobe (not that it's in our budget right now, anyway)!  But, I'll keep thinking about this skirt in hopes that it gets me through the last couple of weeks of this dreaded snow!  Oh, how I LOVE spring!!!

21 more days!!!


  1. Yes! I totally do the same thing, and that is a really cute skirt! Joshua Radin is awesome. I want to use his song "I'd rather be with you" for mine and Jeremy's first dance. Love him! *Amanda*

  2. I have 4 dresses from downeast basics. they are based out of good ol' utah. us mormons love them. modest & cute all in one. I am ready for spring too!

  3. Amanda, that's a great choice for your first dance!!! I love Joshua Radin's voice... so dreamy. ;-)

    Jenni, I'm falling in love with a lot of Utah based businesses... everyone's so crafty out there! And downeast basics is so affordable (well, when you have extra money to spend... which we do not at the time)... :-) I've decided I want to learn how to sew... how hard can this stuff be, really? ;-)

  4. Kalen, I love that skirt and it will look fabulous on you. I have had such a hard time finding skirts for myself.
    Love, Mom

  5. Thanks Mom!! I have a hard time, too, at times, but usually if it's A-Line and goes to my knee, I'm golden. :-) Brad and I went to the mall the other night (I found a great photoshop book at Borders... thank you!!!) and we walked by American Eagle. Brad asked if I wanted to go in & since the window was lined in REALLY cute skirts, I had to turn down the opportunity... I would have spent so much money on skirts! And the worst part is, I won't be able to wear them for another 3 weeks, or so (but in the back of my head, I'm thinking, if I don't pick some up now, there won't be any left)!! Oh, the troubles of being a girl! haha