Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home is Where Your Family Is...

I <3 this sign!!!  Whenever I see it, I know I'm less than an hour away from my family and friends!  We haven't seen everyone since Christmas & a visit was well overdue. 

Our main reason for our trip was to see my Grandad.  He was recently admitted to the hospital & we wanted to send him a get well greeting... in person! :-)  What a great couple of days we had catching up with him!  I'm always missing him here in Vermont. 

**I refrained from taking any pictures of Grandad... I think he's still trying to get over his 80th birthday party and Christmas.**

During one of our visits, my Aunt Cathy stopped by with my cousin's daughter...

She's such a peanut & I can't wait to get all of her pictures out the door to Jenny & Aunt Cathy...  She sure did have a little crush on Brad.  I've never seen so much joy in a baby's eyes when they looked at somebody!!  It's so hard to believe she will be 1 next month.  Where did the year go?!?

I'm so happy Bryn isn't in school yet... it was tons of fun to spend time with her everyday.  Wish we could have kidnapped Dylan from school, too...  Maybe next time we're in town. ;-) 

**And I hope our kids are blessed with the blue eyes that seem to be running through this family**

While we all were catching up and taking pictures, Bryn and Brad decided to partake in a friendly battle of thumb wrestling...

And Bryn won!!! :-)

We spent our nights in Philly where we were able to catch up with Brett & Erica & had a fabulous dinner with all of Brad's friends, too!  The only thing that could have made this trip better was more time... but, no amount of time would have been enough.

Unfortunately, it all had to come to an end... So, with a lot of these:

...we made it home safe and sound & were greeted Sunday morning by one worn out Damon! 

I know he missed us!!!  Hopefully we'll have company soon & he won't have to miss out on all of the fun and excitement (although, I have a hard time believing he doesn't have fun at doggy camp).

Thank you everyone back home for opening your homes to us!!!  It was one memorable trip!


  1. okay..that emma is a doll! I have got to tell you where to get the eye actions and sharpening actions I use. & best part---they are FREE! I think it owuld change your life forever!!! hahaha.

  2. Glad you and Brad had a wonderful time in PA.. But, can't wait until you can blog about AZ visit.. How is your grandfather? Is he still in the hospital?? Sending prayers.
    Love, Mom

  3. OMG, you so do, Jenni!!! I was looking for one last night, but I spent enough time on the computer that I just had to leave it as it was! So, please share!!! :-) And, I love free!!!

    Mom, Grandad is doing really well. He's home from the hospital (which I didn't find out until the night before we left), but that made visiting time even more enjoyable. :-) I'm hoping we can sneak a trip to AZ in soon. According to Brad, nobody has heard about March yet (from what he's read online), so that's a good sign, I think. We'll keep you posted.


  4. I'm so glad I was able to spend time with you guys! Sometimes not working has it's perks!!! Bryn had a blast and hasn't stopped talking about how she beat Uncle Brad playing thumby she says!
    I know Grandad loved seeing you guys and was very sad to see you go.
    I wish Dylan could have missed a day of school, but missing one day means getting twice the amount of homework and he is not a fan of that!
    We can't wait to plan our next trip out! Glad you live close enough to make weekend trips. We are praying Brad hears something soon, but also worrying it might take you farther from us. :( Well, we aren't thinking about that now, instead, we will enjoy the time we do get to spend with you. And be grateful that our kids have a wonderful bond with both you and Brad!